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Coach Heather Clarke-Peckerman
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Heather Clarke-Peckerman

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

I work with leaders using emotional intelligence principles to create engagement at all levels.

About me

I am passionate about working alongside business leaders to develop their talent and create highly engaged, emotionally intelligent and strategically focused teams and leaders. I have more than twenty years of experience working in the Leadership & Development field, spanning various aspects of Talent Management and Executive Coaching. I use assessments to enhance the coaching experience so the client can achieve great results.

Coaching with me


I specialize in working with high caliber leaders who are looking to take their leadership and teams to the next level. Using emotional intelligence as the foundation, leaders become more aware of how their emotions, decisions, and values impact every aspect of their personal and professional lives. Together, we strengthen their emotional resiliency so they have more energy, passion, and focus. As a result of our coaching, leaders are less stressed, more balanced, and have a clear compelling purpose that drives all aspects of their lives.


I offer on-line coaching where the client has the option of video or conference call. My sessions are fifty minutes long. In-person sessions are available at a higher fee and are ninety minutes long.



I offer several coaching packages: 3-month commitment, 6-month commitment or 1-year commitment. All coaching packages come with a pre/post assessment so we can measure your progress. Video or conference call is available. Clients have access to complimentary webinars.

Short courses or group coaching

I offer six-week, live webinar programs on various leadership topics. I also offer live webinars or video conferencing for coaching teams.

Ongoing training

Clients can continue to work with me:
-One-on-one private coaching
-Group coaching
-Live Management training on site
-Live Webinar Training
-On-line management programs

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Masters Degree, Organizational Psychology (Columbia University)
  • Leadership Mastery Certificate (Robbins Institute)
  • Executive Coach (graduated from IPEC)
  • Achieve Global Leadership Series
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Employee Attachment Inventory
  • Engagement Multiplier Survey
  • Energy Leadership Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • DiSC Assessment

I started my career as an Organizational Design Consultant for ATT Capital. I was involved in process improvement initiatives, redesigns and large scale team building initiatives. I later moved into the Training Department and was responsible for managing the team and engaging the workforce through innovative and creative training sessions. Several years later, I started my own Management Training Consulting Firm and have been working with clients by offering Executive & Management Coaching, Leadership Academies, Management Training, and Advisory Boards.

I love what I do, and I am grateful to work with leaders to help them create balance in their lives, become more aware of their emotions, and lead with values.

Fee description

Fees: from $500 USD to $1000 USD

Coaching packages include a pre/post assessment, 50-minute coaching sessions, accountability exercises, follow-up, complimentary webinars and summary meeting notes.


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Coaching with Heather Clarke-Peckerman
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  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Coaching with Heather Clarke-Peckerman Clarisse | March 05, 2017
    5 Star

    Working with Heather has allowed me to take a deeper look at my life and work and make the necessary changes I needed to make in my career. I thought I was going to get career advice, but to my benefit, I learned how to apply concepts to my personal life as well. Heather cares deeply for her clients and makes you feel like you are the most important person to her. Highly recommend!!


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