lifecoach $5000 USD Heather Shaw Heather Shaw Heather Shaw and her brand,The Exquisite House provide modern techniques for modern living.
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Heather Shaw

JDCL, Life Coach Certification 
Los Angeles, California, United States
Heather Shaw and her brand,The Exquisite House provide modern techniques for modern living.

About me

Heather under her lifestyle consulting brand, The Exquisite House, specializes in helping people learn their own tastes and patterns then interpreting maintainable lifestyle solutions that reflect their uniqueness. Heather assess her client's needs and creates a custom plan that delivers results. Her 20 years of professional coaching, training and teaching experience help Heather bring a thoughtful, compassionate and encouraging approach to her clientele.

Coaching with me

Following an initial needs assessment, a scope of work with clear, outlined goals is presented to clients to ensure we are working to achieve the desired results. Coaching is a collaborative endeavor, therefore, individuals are encouraged to be open to the journey of change that comes along with coaching. The methods of cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior modification, reinforcement exercises and incentive based goal setting are utilized to create clear accomplishments.
Heather has tremendous respect for the deep work of rewriting the internal script. The preferred approach to coaching is from this place of respect as we walk towards change. This looks like the following:
1. Confidentiality: All clients are provided an agreement that ensures work is kept private. Online sessions occur via secure, encrypted online conferencing. Group sessions are presented with an engagement covenant ensuring any discussion or question/answer portions of the session are kept in the strictest confidence.
2.Scope of Work Outline: Defines what places of growth we will tackle, the methods and estimated time needed to achieve desired goals.
3. Engagement Covenant: A written agreement between life coach and client outlining collaborative relationship.
4. Personalization: Each individual responds to different motivation therefore each one on one client engagement is focused on the individual. Group sessions, Workshops and Seminars are outlined to reach each personality type and issue that would come up for the individual on the topic of choice. This approach ensures that attendees receive the most they can from each engagement.
5. Collaboration: The goal of a great life coach is that the client will evolve thereby the need for the coaching becomes obsolete with regards to the topic or issue. The goal is ALWAYS to make coaching useful enough that the client has evolved through the work done together.
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One on One sessions are in person and outlined in a scope of work defining time requirements, process and goals to enable clients to understand what is needed in order to create the desired results. Homework and incentive based action is included in this coaching format. All work is done with the utmost respect to the client's journey under an engagement and confidentiality agreement. Follow up appointments can be done either via telephone or secure, encrypted online conferencing at a reduced rate.
Online sessions are provided via secure, encrypted online conferencing. These sessions follow the same format as One on One sessions in that following a needs assessment a scope of work outlining time requirements, process and goals is created in order to help the client understand the journey to reaching their desired results. Homework and incentive based action is included in this coaching format. An engagement and confidentiality agreement are also provided to ensure the utmost privacy during the coaching experience. Follow up appointments are available at a reduced rate.
Short courses or group coaching
Group coaching, up to 25 people, is available via our secure, encrypted online conferencing or in person. Seminars and Workshops are available to organizations and groups larger than 25 people. All group format coaching is designed topically with a syllabus and workbook designed with action format to produce maximum results. Topics can be from pre-selected options available from The Exquisite House or we can create a custom designed course based on a needs assessment. Group coaching is designed to impact all personality types maximizing impact for attendees.
Ongoing training
Follow up coaching for One on One and Online coaching engagements is available at a discounted rate for existing clients. Recorded online group sessions, Pre-recorded webinars and reinforcement follow up activities are available following initial coaching, seminars and workshops for group coaching and short courses at a reduced rate.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • JD Campus London, Life Coach Certification
  • Organizational Systems Training
  • Myers Briggs Personality Assesment Training
  • Cognitie Behavorial Therapy Training
There are people in life that we encounter and wonder, "How did they make it through all of that?". Heather is one of those that uses her experience, strength and ultimate lessons that resulted in hope to teach, encourage and train others to be their most authentic self. She speaks from the experience of tragedy, stuckness and evolution in her own life to ignite introspection and growth.
Heather's professional experience of teaching, training and coaching over 20 years, her respect for the deep work of inciting change and her no nonsense approach create clear results.
Heather acknowledges that creating a lack of need is the ethical goal of every good life coach as well as the reality that the process of coaching is collaborative and ultimately depends on the individual's willingness to completely give in to the process to achieve lasting results.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $5000 USD

Private: $50.00 per hour with a $25.00 travel fee for clients outside of the 50 mile radius from office. Online: $75.00 per hour with secure, encrypted video conferencing. Group: $50.00 per person, up to 25 people, with online access to recorded session. Workshops and Seminars: $50.00 per person along with travel and accommodations.


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