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Heidi Nicole

Certified Transition Life Coach,RSW 
Edmonton, Canada
I’m Heidi Nicole and I’m so happy to introduce myself to you! I want you to WAKE UP!

About me

I believe that tough, uncomfortable questions reveal the real truth of the matter and the trajectory for your future! Helping people design their utterly fantastic lives is my area of expertise. I want you to head into your future with confidence – truly knowing that the possibilities are endless for you. I believe that tough, uncomfortable questions reveal the real truth of the matter and the trajectory for your future! I no longer believe that my life is based on anyone else's agenda…only my own! I want to live in a world where women experience endless JOY – where creative freedom, widespread health and overall goodness in people, prevail always.

I’m here, ready to race with you, pace you and coach you along the way! If you’re in a job that doesn’t motivate or inspire you and you want out, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re overwhelmed and unsure if you’ll ever feel passionate again, I’m the coach for you! If you notice the same recurring problems showing up over and over again, contact me today! If you want more love, joy, money, success and fun in your life, take the first step today!



Do you want a co-dreamer, schemer, cheerleader and motivator?

Change takes time. We all know that but we’re often afraid to admit it. We want gratification, NOW. The Full Life Design is for you because you want to map a course for your life and know that checking-in and accountability are important for you. Over the course of 4 months, we will “meet” weekly or bi-weekly (your choice) for a total of 8 or 16 one-hour sessions and you’ll be in the driver’s seat the whole time. We’ll take a look at your entire life and assess where you’re at right now. Then together, we will dream, scheme and plot your fantastic future through a comprehensive vision mapping process. During our sessions I will provide you with tools to prioritize, stay motivated and overcome obstacles. The Full Life Design is a real call to action that requires your full commitment to have that radical life transformation that I know you desire. You will also get full access to email support in between sessions where we can brainstorm and trouble shoot anything that changes in between sessions

I WILL ask you some super tough, uncomfortable questions – lots of em! I WILL see the connection between what you say and what you do. I WILL call you out on your bullsh*t, but never judge you on it.

WE WILL address frustration, fear and limiting beliefs. WE WILL explore your natural strengths and discover your unique values. WE WILL map out an incredible design for your life.

YOU WILL build a strong connection between your intuition and trust. YOU WILL start attracting all the right people and circumstances. YOU WILL feel soooooo aligned with your core values and because of that the possibilities will be endless.

Come on, who doesn’t want that?!

Let’s start designing your desired future, together!


Do you have one specific issue you want to tackle and resolve?

The Power Hour session is for those of you who need a one-off session because you need some mad clarity on a decision, a launch or your vision. You might be feeling stuck so you want to bounce ideas off me for moving forward in the best way possible. I will help you address your fears, limiting beliefs and find out what’s holding you back. We’ll slam the door on that inner critic and talk about forgiveness if needed. Together, we will map out your vision for the future, figure out what needs to change NOW so you can realign with your core values. These sessions are to the point in order to get things moving ASAP. And it’s all on YOUR terms.

You’ll come away from this session with greater perspective on your situation, with clarity on moving forward and armed with effective practices to implement in your life NOW.

Do you want to do this all by email and/or instant messaging?

The Q&A e-Coaching package is for you if you want to discover more today but aren’t quite sure about talking on the phone or the amount of time you want to commit to the coaching process. You will get all of the answers you need to move forward with clarity and confidence, all done by email. Therefore, it’s super convenient, comfortable and cost-effective for you. You will identify an area of concern for you and bounce any question, idea or inquiry off me – all at YOUR pace. e-Coaching offers flexibility and plenty of time for you to reflect on my responses. If you know that the written word is a great way for you to process, reflect, reassess and make discoveries, this package is for you!

I will send you an extensive questionnaire to get the ball rolling and then you have full access to my by email for the duration of your package. I will always respond to your email within 24 hours with questions, tools, insights, activities and action steps for immediate forward movement.
Short courses or group coaching
5-Week Group Coaching Program
Offered each January

It’s New Year’s Eve once again. You're about to make your annual set of New Year's resolutions. You haven't achieved last year's but 'what the heck' you say to yourself as you're about to commit to another set of resolutions, because it’s tradition after all.

If this sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. Most people think about their goals and dreams too casually, eventually forgetting about them before the end of January.

You see…one of the reasons New Year's resolutions fall through is that most people don't take the time to make a winning game plan for achieving their dreams. In fact, people spend more time planning their birthday party than designing their future.

In order to achieve big goals, you need more than wishful thinking and sincere commitment to make it happen. You need a solid and proven process that will support you along the way.

So, if you are truly serious about making your dreams come true and living the life you’ve always wanted, you’ve came to the right place. Now, stand back, take stock and get into it.

Your job is simple: commitment. I want that disciplined, never faltering, undoubted strength that I know you have. Go through each step in the workbooks, answer the questions as best as you can. I want you on each and every call this month, participating in the Facebook page and working your way through every single challenge. I only want people in this program that are willing to have that level of commitment.

Are you ready?

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Fees: from $100 USD


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