lifecoach $100 USD Ieva Akuleviciute Ieva Akuleviciute Passionate about empowering people to discover their gifts and find their "unstuck points".
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Ieva Akuleviciute

Personal Coach and Counselor 
Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania

Passionate about empowering people to discover their gifts and find their "unstuck points".

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FEES from $45 USD to $100 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am a personal coach who sees her clients as valuable and resourceful masterpieces of art that often are well hidden from this world. I am here to help you to become more aware of these gems that are within you desperately crying for a way out to be used and shared with the people around you. Despite being a coach I am in the first place a human being who knows what it means to be low, hurt, lonely, stuck and purposeless. I believe a lot in building routines and working on negative self- talk that tend to paralyze so many people. I encourage and motivate my clients a lot but at the same time I am a strong advocate for owning responsibility and taking practical actions to leave the state you do not enjoy being in.

Some things I could help you with:
- discovering and evaluating your personal resources and gifts (are they used at its maximum? what should you focus on and what should you leave behind? )
- analyzing your stuck areas and finding moving points;
- questioning, reflecting, visualizing, planing and monitoring your actions
- planning very specific steps to achieve your goals (you can choose to be accountable to me)
- analyzing negative self-talk and replacing it with rational thoughts
- learning how to live with depression & social anxiety (strategies & plans)
- re-questioning old believes and challenging them

I am also very passionate about teaching people how to learn things, for example languages or other skills. This could be something I could provide some guidance with. :)

I always try to use creative methods and I improvise a lot because I believe in the power of intuition rather than working from book. If I see that you need a challenge maybe I will offer one!

Every person needs somebody to believe in him while walking this sometimes very rough journey in this life. Do you have such person? If not, what is your plan?

Wishing you fresh starts and sending warmest greetings,


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Private coaching is only available if you are in Vilnius.


1 hour - typical session
30 min - motivation boost & update on the daily&weekly goal
10 min - update on the daily & weekly goal

Other variations are also possible!

Short courses or group coaching

In the future I will make a package on specific topics:
- Focusing and polishing your top strengths. Are you making a product of them?
- Being smart with depression and sucking all benefits from it.

Fee description

Fees: from $45 USD to $100 USD

The price really depends on the complexity of situation. For each person I use different amounts of energy and resources so I can evaluate only after the first session.


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