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Ilaria Vilkelis

Property Coaching 
Let me help you find the place you will love to call home!

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About me

Buying a property or renovating and existing property is a complex and emotional process. It involves investing time, money and making a lot of decisions. Big decisions that will impact your life for many years to come. Whether you are seeking to rent a small flat or purchasing a mansion I can stand by you and help you reflect each step of the way.

First, I will help you explore your “wish-list” and make you truly aware of your needs, aspirations and options in a way that unravels new possibilities and future-proof your choices. This process goes well beyond the typical briefing of real estate professionals.

Then, I can help you see beyond a tired decor or a poorly designed floor-plan. I will assist you in seeing the potential in a property, so that you can explore and compare all the options truly available to you.

Last but not least I will help you during the nerve wrecking negotiating process so that you feel in control or your choices and your investment.

Coaching with me

Whether you are just starting out or you are seeking support after having been looking at too many properties we can work together.
We will create a clear plan of action on how to secure the right property. Our goals will include:

Understand your needs and those of your family.
Understand your lifestyle choices in depth and reflect them in the design of your existing or future home.
Resolve potential divergence of opinions and expectations between family members.
Find a place that responds to your needs within your budget.
Learn on how to view a property.
Learn the dos and don't when dealing with real estate professionals such a estate agents, brokers, inspectors.
Learn to ask the right questions and get the level of service you are paying for and deserve.
Manage the emotional roller-coaster that property buying generally entails.
Understand sellers and negotiate win-win deals.
Evaluate different design choices and define the design element of that special feel that you will love to call home.
Deal with contractors and communicate clearly what you expect and you intend to create.

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I like to listen intently and help my clients reflect on their choices. I offer insights drawing from my 20 years experience of buying and selling properties in the US, the UK and in Europe.


Whether a mansion or a small flat, the place we live is our shell. It is a place where we return to energise and restore. When you are seeking to create a better environment in your current place or you are seeking to buy or rent a property I will stand by your side and step by step support you in making the right choice.
Whether you need help understanding a floorplan or with the design of your lifestyle I can support you make choices you will be pleased with for years to come.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • NLP Coach & Trainer
  • MBA Master in Business Administration
I have worked for many years as a senior executive coach. Meanwhile I have bought, sold and renovated several properties.
Buying a home is a complex decision, probably one of the most important you will make in your lifetime.

My passion is to help my clients build a bright future through creating a healthy and fulfilling professional and personal life, starting from the right home choice. I work with house hunters who are looking to find the right property and want the peace of mind to know that no stone was left unturned and all options were carefully considered.

I am an experienced real estate investor, I a can help busy men and women create the template of the property that best fulfills their unique requirements and accompanies them in the process of selecting and securing this very special place. With her excellent negotiating skills, I can support you in getting the best possible deals when buying or building the homes you long for and deserve.

A former management consultant and highly regarded executive coach, I bring together a unique and broad expertise by merging my coaching and consulting background with over 25 years of experience as an international real estate investor, property owner and interior designer. I hold a Law Degree, an MBA, advanced coaching certifications as well as a Diploma in Interior Design. In the past 20 years I have lived on both sides of the Atlantic and worked for high profile organizations such as IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland and The Ken Blanchard Companies.

A successful investor, I have completed five house renovations and bought and sold properties in Italy, France, the UK and the USA. I was born in Italy, and now reside near London with my husband, my great teen age son and our two naughty dogs.

I can coach in English, French and Italian.
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Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $3000 USD

From a solution focused brief session to on going support in searching and negotiating a property we will determine together how best I can help you make your dream become a reality.


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