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Isabella Jiminez

Certified Spiritual Life Coach+ 
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

FEES from $70 USD to $500 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Hello and welcome to my 'hub' My name is Bee.  I am a certified spiritual life, path and business coach and advisor as well as a divination practicioner and I have been practicing my "path" for over 22 years. I have acquired the following certifications in my time: Herbalism and natural medecines, crystal healing, energy healing, aura healing, Reiki I, II, mastery/teacher levels, tarot reading certification, tarot teaching, oracle reading certification, coaching, counselling, reflexology, and more. These are just some of the ways I am able to help, and to use my knowledge to help you further yourself.

Coaching with me


  • Financial security + Freedom with your spiritual business + learning

  • Learning your limits and boundaries

  • Reduced Anxiety + Increased happiness

  • Confidence

  • Communication 

  • Healing

  • Motivation and setting a plan

  • Helping you navigate rough waters to come our on top


I coach with a mixture of coaching, counselling, divination and then action plants. It is important to remain balanced and to take our downfalls, worries and stresses and turn them into success so a full acceptance and understanding is the key to really moving forward and movinkg on "up".



I offer my services via email, local text, and facebook messenger (in person appointments are not available at this time- for safety)

  • Spiritual business coaching (x3 sessions are reccomended) 
    This form of coaching will specialize in your area of work and help you increase knowledge, certifications, confidence, planning, and learning. This also will include divination work in our sessions so that we can better map out what is to come 

  • Life, Love, Motivation, Confidence, and light spiritual Coaching (x2-3 sessions reccomended)
    This form of coaching will help you come to terms, and use your new acceptance in how to better your life. Helping you communicate, gain confedince, helping with PTSD and anxiety, healing and helping you find your direction, put in the work and achieve your goals 

  • Reiki I, II, & master practicioner/teaching & Sessions
    -Learning the art of reiki takes time and dedication but often finds the student RIGHT when they need it. See my website for more information or send me a message today.  Read more below Online Distance Reiki: 30 mins ($70CAD) , 45 mins ($90CAD), 60mins ($110CAD), Reiki I, II, III(Attunement,your full awakening and attunement with ALL of the reiki symbols opened) This is a 3 hour session ($345 CAD) 
    Cho ku rei: The power symbol. Sei he ki: The harmony symbol. Hon sha ze sho nen: The distance symbol. Dai ko myo: The master symbol. Raku: The completion symbol. (These will all be unlocked)

  • Tarot + Divination Mentor
    I will help you along your journey through all 78 cards, life lessons, spreads, how to read for yourself, how to read for others, tarot reading ethics + methods. (This is for personal use of beginners, and is advised if you are hoping to start a tarot reading business (After these sessions students typically begin their spiritual business coaching with me where I help you find your footing)


All sessions are booked and I am available for questions during your "subscriprion period", please DM me for custom pricing to suit your needs. 

Ongoing training

  1. Reiki

  2. Tarot

  3. Divination

  4. Healing

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified in: Life + Spiritual Coaching
  • Certified Psychic Tarot personal + business coaching
  • Certified Tarot and divination master
  • Certified in Reiki levels I, II, III (Teaching & master)
  • Love Coaching
  • BPD and anxiety coaching
  • Mental health coaching

Fee description

Fees: from $70 USD to $500 USD

Fees are depending on the services requires, the duration ( # of sessions) etc, Please send me a DM and we can get started (Discounts are available to help make my services more affordable for those in need)


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