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JACOB Garrard

Certified Life coach 
sausalito, California, United States

I get joy from seeing people thrive from my coaching services, that is what brings me happiness

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About me

My purpose in life is to help others fulfill their goals and help others find their purpose while on this earth. My life Coaching skills come from a number of different techniques and practices. I use meditation and guided meditations as one of my techniques to help clients manifest anything they set their minds to. Also, erase negative thoughts and bad habits. I use 8 components from the Occoulia coaching method to help individuals master themselves and their reality. I have coached and guided young adults with finding out what it is they want to accomplish in life. I’ve had my own online meditation room, where group meditations and mastermind sessions could be held. I mentor young high school adults and help them create value and purpose for their walks of life. Outside of coaching, I am apart of a mentor program on a Facebook meditation community group. You will learn to be the master of your reality and become more in tune to yourself and create your own spiritual journey. With me you will learn, you have the power to create and mold your life into any form you want. It is my duty to help and serve each individual to become a better and newer version of themselves. Life is what you think it should be, I not only help my clients find their purpose, but I help them understand who they are as an individual human along the way to their overall purpose and goals. We are all born with a purpose and have a reason for being. I have a natural born tendency to want to help people reach and obtain whatever it is they want out of life. It is my duty and purpose to help others find their purpose and experience happiness. It makes me happy to see others happy and living out their dreams. Happiness starts from within and then works it’s way out into the world around us.
True happiness is being contented with where we currently are and then proceed to move forward from there. I help my clients understand they can manifest and create anything they put their minds too. I give my clients hands-on tools using the Occoulia coaching model that will allow them to obtain everything it is they want out of their journey. life is what we perceive it to be,
is the beach already laid out in front of you or are you creating the beach as you walk.

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Fees: from $97 USD to $100 USD


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