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Jacqueline West

Life coach, Mentor, Leader 
Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States
at-risk teens, families, adoptions, residential staff training

About me

I have been a counselor for more than 14 years with a 100% documented success rate. This means I have the ability to work with juveniles and help them become functioning productive members of society without them slipping back into old habits. I want to help not just teens succeed, but families and parents succeed as well.

I have developed and implemented treatments that are successful for teens and adults alike. I have my own at-risk teenager and I have worked many years in residential facilities and I have seen plans and people fail. I can help with that. I know the struggles facing parents and how frustrating it can be when you are trying to get help for your child and no one hears or wants help. Let me be the one to help you and them.

Let me help you get past your struggle whether you just need someone to vent and make goals with, or someone to help your child strive to do the work necessary to become productive members of the household and society altogether. Let my expertise work for you.


Coaching with me

My goal is your success and happiness. I am here for YOU; but you have to be in it or we both fail. My aim is to help wade through the troubles with home that you just cannot get through yourself. Even if that means just being here to listen so you can know you are not alone. Parenting, life, love, you choose. Tell me what it is you want to accomplish and, together, we can get you there.

Need help with team building or want to know how to make a better quality residential facility where the focus is on leadership and relationships to help you become the best with facility with 0% recidivism? Let me help, I have worked them, built them and completely revamped programs to make them more efficient and successful.
I am a listener and give advice where I see fit. Let's talk, let me hear you, and let me offer different perspectives that you may not have been able to see before.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

This will be just between you and I over the phone.
A more intimate setting through skype where we get to talk, one-on-one but face to face as well; lets me know and understand you better.
Short courses or group coaching
I can do group coaching when we are all trying to accomplish the same goals. Sharing with others and knowing you are not alone in your struggles will help you feel supported and empowered.

I also do residential training for youth leaders in residential facilities on how to relate to and communicate with clients and staff alike.
Ongoing training
Because sometimes, you just cannot accomplish all you want to in one session. This is ongoing until YOU feel you are strong enough to spread your wings and fly.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BS Criminal Justice
  • Development of treatments (award winning)
  • Training in management
I have an at-risk child I adopted. With him alone I have experience in navigating services for his needs such as his fetal alcohol syndrome, psychosis, lack of remorse, fits of rage, defiance, and many more. I have also worked in residential treatment facilities where I have dealt with every behavior on the spectrum. I have counseled both clients and staff members, have taught workshops for team leaders and their members, and I have developed plans that work 100% of the time. I have been married and divorced amicably because I believe nothing has to end badly. I have been a single parent and I have had help. I have also spent the biggest part of my life researching and figuring out people and what makes them tick. I have learned every single person is different and therefore all treatment needs to be designed specifically for each individual. This is why I am successful in what I do and why you will be as well.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $2000 USD

I will always give a free consultation. Then it is $45 per hour. The price will increase $20 per family member.

Offering training for residential facility staff $2000 for weekends and $500/day for weekdays.


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