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Jacques Booysen

Life Coach & Master Shadowmatch Pra 
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
I help individuals and businesses to achieve their best in the shortest amount of time.
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About me

I assist individuals and corporate clients to restructure and redesign their lives using different task specific tools such as the 'Get a Life' in 40 Days through 7 strategic questions and Shadowmatch. The aim of the questions is to lead you to rethink all aspects of your life and current ways. Life planning is not about formalizing of giving structure to a bad life, nor is it just effectively helping people to keep doing what they're currently doing, thinking it will ease the pain. It is about redesigning and restructuring your life and realigning priorities. Our 7 questions will facilitate the process.
Certain People will find one or more of the questions more applicable to them. There's a question with your name on it.
Ask the right questions. Anthony Robbins said: "Successful people ask better questions and as a result get better answers". - Extract out of the Get a Life Journal.
Ask the all compelling question: 'How can I make the most of my life?' I don't only focus on one aspect of your life such as some self-help books or other life coaches, the seven questions focus on you with a holistic view and thus opens up worlds of possibilities.
Corporate clients use the course as an intervention to get their Sales teams or Exco Teams more productive and focused. The biggest problem these days is not absenteeism but presenteeism (where the employee is there but their mind is somewhere else). All I need is 2 hours of your time once a week for 7 weeks at a time and place of your convenience. Please contact me for an enrollment form and costings. Also, ask about Shadow Match for your companies recruitment drive.

Coaching with me

I help my clients understand who they are, what they have to work with and also what they have to offer the world. You're only 15 -25% Personality, 55% Habits and the rest is what your environment pushes onto you. Therefore it's crucial to understand who you as a person are, deal with the past then move on to identify your specific talents and gifts so that when we look at the life areas, identifying goals gets easier. We don't stop there, we identify the most important life areas and goals for those areas, then prioritise them and work on a very specific plan to achieve and make these goals a reality.
I like to start with the "Get a Life in 40 days" program. Why? Because Dr.Gustav Gous took great care in designing this course to encapsulate the 7 key life questions so that we can have a solid foundation from where to work. I then also have you do a personality test, Shadowmatch (a habit questionnaire) and finally also Skillsgrid. So that after doing all of these you'll know who you are and what you have to offer the world. Should you be a Christian I'll also have you discover your Spiritual Gifts as these are the key to a fulfilled life as a Christian. If you're not I have some other very great quick tests that work very well.


Do you need specific help? Are you a private individual that would like to get the battles won and the issues sorted without having to expose yourself to outside scrutiny? Be assured of full confidentiality, I'll make myself available specifically for you.
For those of you who want to be coached but don't have the time or resources to join one of my seminars. This is for you, I also offer Shadowmatch & Skillsgrid completely online.
Short courses or group coaching
"Get a Life in 40days" presented by myself in Gauteng and surrounding areas.
Shadowmatch Team Building for corporates- The one Team build that has a guaranteed money back into the company within months.
Relationships unravelled- make the most of your relationships whatever they are.
Ongoing training
Have you done the "Get a Life in 40 days"? Do you want more assistance in reaching your goals?
Have you done any other life coaching course and need support?
I will gladly go on the journey for you, to help make you more successful than ever!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Christian Lay Counsellor
  • Accredited Get a Life Coach
I was born and lived in Cullinan for 10 years of my life. We moved to Pretoria and the rough and tumble life started of moving every year or every few months to a different suburb. I’ve been to 13 schools in the 12 school years so I’ve never really learned how to keep friendships going, it just seemed pointless as I’ll be moving on soon. The friendships I did keep was because those friends saw something bigger and better in me than I did!

Matriculated in 1989 and off to the army where much of the same happened, started as a signaller and ended as an infantryman. I was so insecure and so lost that I made the wrong friends, got into more trouble than anyone could ever know but because I was likeable and ignorant got assistance from higher up in the ranks and came out Scott free.

I started working and didn’t fare much better, first medical claims clerk then the security industry and eventually in FMCG as a Fieldmarketer. All the time not knowing who I really am and what I’m supposed to do in life except living and using others.

I got married to the most beautiful girl that was interested in me, not because I wanted to but had to! I ruined her early adulthood as she was just 18 and I was 25. I suddenly had a mission: provide for a family I didn’t really want to have at that stage, surviving the pains of trying to fit into a relationship that actually was not meant to be. I threw myself into work, neglected the relationship which consisted of sex rather than love and eventually ended up losing everything I held dear: My wife (whom I found I loved actually deeply because she loved me for who I was) my work where I actually excelled and did well. All the material things that came with success.

In 2001 I had to start over, I was a royal mess, tried to start a handyman business that kept going belly up as I was so full of myself that I didn’t consider getting a mentor to assist me in building a strong business. I ended up in 2003 jobless, homeless and with no-one to help me. Yes, my brothers who are 7 and 8 years younger than myself tried to help but eventually got fed-up being used and kicked me out on my butt!

The best thing that could have happened to me ever as I took stock of my life and with my mothers help started to refocus and I progressively did better in business and life. I had some serious help along the way and a friend gave me a break in 2005 to help them in RDP housing, between him and his partner I learned a lot and eventually broke away in 2006 to do my own thing again. It went well and ended in 2008 where I again lost all I had, this time due to developers who were just more ruthless than I was. I went to work for a copier company then eventually started with Mirrodex where my life started changing for the better again.

I was so negative that I could power up Escom for a year at that stage! I got managed by a sales manager who one day called me in in 2010 and said: “Boet you need to change, start being positive or I’ll be forced to fire you as you’re bringing everybody down.” What did he know? I’m Mr. Big-shot! But I did put an effort in to become more positive as God was working in my life. I got hi-jacked on 30 September 2010, a life changing day as I was a new Christian at that time. My Mom passed away in March that year and as she passed I felt a hug from someone (could have been her or God Himself?) that day I changed forever. I wanted that feeling of being at peace so much that I went all out to find it. Nothing would stop me from finding it, I needed it! Like the air, I breathe!

I went to fetch my Dad who at that stage was also homeless, I honored him although at that stage he had done enough bad stuff to hurt me that I probably shouldn’t have! But God was busy… For months I had this distinct feeling that my time was up, I made all the arrangements that I could and then eventually on 30 September I was to die. However, God moved and spared my life and He said to me in my spirit: “Honour thy Father and Mother so that your days may be lengthened…”

A new mission in life began that day: start making a difference and seek God in all I do. I ended up resigning from Mirrodex and a restraint of trade got enforced and for a year I was at home again jobless but focused on God and I can honestly say that I experienced Gods grace daily: Food that never ran out, every weekend when the kids visited there was enough for them and myself. My landlord bought me a car so that I could work! Petrol lasted for 1000s of kilometers without me putting any in! I experienced miracles daily! I started working again but never felt fulfilled anywhere so I started thinking about what my talents are? What am I good at? What do I love to do? I ended up in a local care group that did a course on what your spiritual gifts are. I found my talent or gift and immediately did the “Get a life in 40 days” course. I also did the Coach course and this is the result: I’m going to give back to others, helping them to achieve excellence in life with the right guidance and over 1000 different assessments and assignments at my disposal to help and guide you to a better life.

Thank you for reading my life story, I hope that it would inspire you to become even greater than you are today.

What do I expect of Myself?
I expect excellence in every area of my Life. I will do first things first and immediately. I will honor God in all I do. I will take control of my finances and live debt free. I aspire to be an inspiration to millions and change lives wherever I go. I’ll make this year the best year ever!. I will do whatever it takes to do just that and I will spread Gods Word as far as I go & teach people to love themselves so that they can love God too.

I am passionately driven and fearfully and wonderfully created by God for His pleasure and purpose, He directs and guides me every step of the way. I believe this wholly fully and truly. I will become the best and most focused coach on the planet! I will teach, inspire, guide & transform millions to be the best they can be so that they can follow God every day in every way and to see His grace in all we have and do.

Fee description

Fees: from R595 ZAR to R35995 ZAR

R595 pm for those who need online guidance, does not include personal attention.
R3449 for the Get a Life in 40 days course only, includes the journal and workbook.
R8995 includes the above plus Shadowmatch, Skillsgrid and 3 months support.
R17995 Includes the above and 9 months support.
R35995 Full courses as individual/ executive coaching.


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