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Jacqui Stocks

Intuitive life coach CQSW PGC, MNCP 
Bristol, England, United Kingdom
A personal life coach, mindfulness practitioner, mentor, teacher, energy-worker, metaphysician.
Relationship coach Academic coach
Confidence coach Law of Attraction coach
Empowerment coach Meditation and mindfulness/NLP Intuitive coach

FEES from $62 USD to $69 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

A personal life coach and mindfulness practitioner, mentor, teacher, energy-worker, metaphysical worker and intuitive, spiritual consultant.

I work intuitively bringing the gift of guided insight and intuitive reading to the coaching process, as well as a knowledge and developed awareness of Metaphysical energy work and the Law of Attraction process and endeavour to promote structure, motivation and an inspiring plan of action!.

We get to the heart of what you really want and overcome what may be holding you back. My coaching and natural spiritual gifts have been developed over many years through my own journey and experience and by learning from and studying with some inspirational mentors. I have a wealth of experience coaching, mentoring and spiritually guiding clients from all walks of life and I am truly now living my life purpose and as Wayne Dyer would say; have found ‘my bliss’. My passion is your happiness and success.

Qualifications and experience;
Intuitive Life Coach and mentor
Mindfulness and Meditation practitioner
Guided Pathway Consultant
Teacher and 1:1 personal tutor
Educational mental health mentor
Social care professional

My Commitment
Partnership: We do this together. You are not in this alone.. Ever.
Challenge: Like me one day, hate me another.. You will not leave “unchanged”.
Clarity and focus: I see things in people, I use my intuition gifts.. It’s my role to help you “understand” you.
Empowerment: This is your LIFE.. You are here to unleash your Passion, your Pathway, your Uniqueness.
Results: Certainly. That’s my ultimate goal.

Passionate and committed to your happiness and success

Coaching with me

So if you are still reading this you are curious,

maybe inspired, ready to make a change in your life, to move forward towards a positive outcome.

Time to take control………to manifest your…….

Aspirations, to Believe and to Achieve your dreams.

The Coaching Program:

We will work together for a minimum of 4 sessions covering all of the areas;

taking the actions
creating the results
to first uncover your life passion and then to make it happen in your life.

This program is for people who:...

Have no idea what they are passionate about and need direction and clarity.
Feel confused, restless, bored, or unhappy with their current life.
Have fears, emotions, and limitations to address and clear up.
Either know with certainty or have a good idea about their passion.
Need direction and support during the due diligence phase of passion work.
Want accountability while developing and taking action steps toward living their passion.
Are ready to commit to self-discovery and life-changing action to create a passionate new life.
Want to keep the momentum going and move forward quickly to get results.

During the sessions, we will uncover:Life..........

The person you really are (but may not know yet). Your very own inner magic and uniqueness. The gremlins holding you back.

During the sessions, we will cover:..........

The power of due-diligence, experimentation and visualisation.
Pre-planning and clear communication to prevent negative challenges.
Creating your personal positive, passion action plan to move you toward a new life.

By the end of the sessions, you will know.......

Much, much more about yourself and what motivates you.
What makes you come alive with passion and purpose.
How to clear the mental, emotional, and physical clutter to free up space for your passion.

By the end of the sessions, you will have:........

Researched, tested, and experimented with your passion to gain more clarity.
Anticipated the lifestyle and relationship impact of your passion and pro-actively handled issues. Created a clear action pathway to make your passion a real part of your daily life. Started taking actions on that pathway.

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Life Coaching style

The aim of life coaching is to help you identify and achieve personal goals in any area of your life.
A holistic approach is taken, recognising that one area of your life impacts upon another and so addressing personal areas such as relationships or spirituality can in turn lead to improvement in your health or achievement of your career goals.

As a coach I will enable you to assess your current situation in different areas of your life, explore what you want to achieve, what your current strengths are and help you formulate a plan and strategies for development. This could involve a need to challenge existing beliefs with the aim of unlocking previously held barriers to moving forward so that you can move to a positive outcome.

Coaching may be beneficial if you…

want to make changes in your life but are struggling to make them on your own or you feel there are things holding you back
have some major goals you want to achieve and need some support
need some clarity and confidence to help you make some major decisions
want to gain clarity about what motivates you and what you would like to achieve
Have barriers to moving forward.
want to reduce the stress in your life or gain a better work-life balance

Values Based Coaching

Values based coaching is an approach which recognises that understanding one’s values lie at the heart of any personal or organisational change programme..

Values and beliefs are what sparks us and makes us determined.

So what is a value?
Simply a value is what is important to you and something you will consistently choose to prioritise towards in your life. It is something which means a lot to you and more often than not you've had personal experience of.

Examples of values include....

Care of the environment
Being oneself

What is the relevance of understanding values in coaching?

Understanding values lies at the heart of motivation. If you know what is important to you and behave and make decisions which are congruent with your values you are more likely to feel happier and more motivated. If you set goals and make plans which are not congruent with your values then you are unlikely to be fulfilled or motivated to achieve them. (Have you ever wondered why those New Year’s resolutions never seem to stick?)

If you are in a job which meets your values and something which you believe in then you will be happier, if you are working against what you value and believe in then you are not going to want to succeed.

A good trained values-based coach will help a client clarify and identify their values, (many people think they know what their values are but often a values assessing session with a trained coach uncovers some surprises), help them understand what motivates them, uncover resistances to change and take action that is congruent with what is important to them.

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching is an approach to coaching that seeks to connect you to a deeper level that is beyond the mind, beyond those aspects of life that are controlled by materialistic and mechanistic goals. (see my information on metaphysics for a more indepth explanation)

As a spiritual life coach who is also an intuitive, I will encourage you to set goals around your deepest and most important values in all aspects of your life that consider your mind, body, spirit connection. As a Spiritual life coach I will enable and encourage you to develop belief that your goals will be realised when it is right for you in your life, as life is a journey and the emphasis is on enjoying and learning from that journey as you create opportunities to grow and to achieve your goals and to live your dreams. Magic happens when you follow your dreams. See Law of Attraction – metaphysics and Coaching.

As a spiritual/intuitive life coach I am deeply connected to my own spirituality and as such can quickly attune myself to your deeper journey, dismantling thoughts and connecting with emotions that are a more reliable doorway to your inner being. A spiritual coach is also able to go with the flow and their intuition when coaching.

Intuitive assessment using focused spiritual intuition

Purpose: Discover information beyond your reach

Useful for:
Understanding in-depth the dynamics or the process of interpersonal situations
Discovering the answer; how to improve a particular situation or outcome
Insight and direction when you’re unclear or off track
Shifting out of overwhelm
Facilitating the best use of your own intuition

How it works:

Intuition is a direct way of knowing and understanding, beyond the five senses and stored memory. Everyone has intuition, and with practice it can be heard more clearly.

intuition(4)Being focused intuitively is a skill (and gift) which enables me to reach beyond intuitive hunches, flashes of insight and into a higher mode of intuition. I use focused intuition to see deeper than what’s on the surface. Clients say that the information I access using focused intuition is very accurate and guides them in their personal lives, and it’s a powerful catalyst for understanding, problem solving, and creativity.

Using deeper consciousness techniques

Using deeper consciousness techniques empowers you to align all your inner spiritual resources towards your desired result, and to use your mind to work for you instead of against you.

Purpose: Mastery of Self Intuition....

Useful for:
Making a change easier and stronger
Moving from a blocked or conflicted state into a productive process
Addressing sources of subconscious sabotage
Moving out of apathy or low motivation into focused, positive, forward outcome productivity
Gaining personal control
Transforming your inner state into your envisioned self

How they work:...

Using these techniques, I identify the factors within your mind, emotions, and subconscious that are negativity affecting you. These techniques reach beyond the obvious into the subtle and deeper dynamics in your consciousness that are in-congruent with your true intentions — self-limiting beliefs, barriers and blocks, patterns of judgement, subconscious sabotage. We can then work on transforming these factors so that you can align all your available inner resources towards your desired goals and dreams. These techniques often result in lower stress, a clearer state of mind, increased mental focus and energy, greater freedom for creativity and innovation, and a more optimistic/positive outlook.

Whatever aspect of life you are dealing with, whether you are a parent facing challenges anyone and any issue can be approached spiritually.

Spiritual life coaching may be particularly beneficial when you have a tendency to worry or feel anxious, are in a period following the break up of a relationship, have lost a loved one, have health issues or you are seeking inner peace and happiness.
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1;1 sessions meeting your personal needs in a safe and empowering environment. FREE initial 'Create the Collaboration' session.
Sessions by Skype to fit in with your personal schedule better. Email support offered and resources sent to you as required.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Social Work CQSW
  • Teaching PGCE
  • Life Coaching MNCP
  • mental health mentoring support
  • life coaching with NLP and mIndfulness
  • mentoring - academic
  • Teaching in Higher Education and tutor support
My background

My background is in Theosophical care, Social Work, Child Psychiatry, Family and Child Therapy, Learning and Educational Disabilities, Child Protection, support and guidance of Young people in and from the Care system.
I am currently a college lecturer in Health and Social care, Psychology and Sociology.
I am an Educational support Mentor for people with Mental Health issues, also an Alternative therapist and Spiritual Consultant, as well as a Personal Life Coach and Mindfulness practitioner.

I have an eclectic belief system which includes an empathy towards esoteric and theosophical knowledge and wisdom which relates to Metaphysics and the power of energy work and positive thinking (see Spiritual coaching).

I'm committed to enabling and motivating people to take control of their lives, be creatively inspired by the world and opportunities around them, to live life according to personal values, beliefs and personal potentials to; ‘Aspire Believe Achieve’ dreams.’   more ...

Fee description

Fees: from $62 USD to $69 USD

The Life Coaching Format:

Complimentary Coaching Consultation – 30 minute “Create the Collaboration” first session
A minimum of at least 4; weekly one-hour 1 : 1, or Skype conversations
Weekly homework assignments tailored to your goals
Occasional brief check-in calls
If requested; one 30 minute phone call per week
Email support to questions between sessions.
Price; £45 per session

4 sessions booked in advance required £180/$279

Discount for 8 sessions booked in advance £320/$496

Special arrangement single session (please contact before choosing) £45/$69

session pre-booking discounts


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