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Jaemin Frazer

Diploma of Life coaching, PCC 
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Founding partner of Frazer Holmes coaching Expert in personal development

About me

Expert in the art of personal development
Author of Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems

Coaching with me


Creating elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems.

People imagine their problems are incredibly complicated and totally unique.

The beautiful thing is that they are neither.

The solution may not be easy, but it is definitely not complicated... AND we all go through the same kind of things and held back by the same kind of limiting beliefs.


No band-aid solutions.
Behaviour is the end of the assembly line.
People work perfectly. The results they are getting are the exact results they have designed their system to produce.
Behaviour management therefore is never a sustainable change strategy.
Instead, transformation happens when our system of beliefs are changed which then naturally produces different behaviour.


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6 sessions
2 months unlimited sessions



This monthly coaching program is designed to help you be at your best in the areas that matter most to you.

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the results you have been getting in life and long to see the potential inside you realised, this program will give you what you are looking for and help you really step up and step out in 2016.

Each month you will get:

- A high quality COACHING VIDEO from me, equipping you with the tools, keys and insights you will need to go to the next level in your relationships, health, and finances

- WEEKY COACHING EXERCISES designed to help you implement the key ideas from each video

- WEEKLY PERSONAL FEEDBACK on all answers you have submitted. As you work through the content, there will constant opportunity for interaction and feebback around the things you are processing to help you make real progress.

- ACCESS TO THE GROUP. So much about doing life well comes down to surrounding yourself with like minded people. One of the cool features of the BEST YEAR YET program is that it connects you with a community of people who are all commited to growing and changing. You will learn crucial stuff from each other as you journey together.

The program is $197/month and is designed to last for 12 months, but you are totally free to cancel at any time if you are no longer finding the program incredibly useful.

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Ongoing training

Join "The worlds best change agents" Facebook group for $49/month and get ongoing training and support to help you become an outstanding coach.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Post grad certificate in Leadership
  • NLP practitioner
  • Diploma of life coaching

Jaemin is the founding partner of Frazer Holmes coaching, the author of the book "Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems" and the creator of the "One minute coach" Radio segment is currently playing daily around the country on over 10 stations

Jaemin is one of the leading experts in the personal development space in Australia. He has been actively helping people bring about change in their lives through coaching, mentoring and various leadership roles for over 15 years. Jaemin is a gifted communicator and a master trainer with a genuine desire to see people grow and flourish in life.

Frazer Holmes coaching is one of Australia's leading coaching and coach training companies.
Over the last 4 years they have:
- acquired international accreditation for their training through the ICF
- Delivered coaching to over 2000 individual long-term unemployed clients in employment agencies around Australia
- Pioneered a transformational coaching program for dealing with trauma which is now being delivered in the soldier recovery unit in the Australian army base in Enoggera QLD
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Fee description

Fees: from $200 to $3000

Online coaching $197/month
Premium Online + 2 skype sessions $995/month
2 months unlimited $3k


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