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Coach Jaemin Frazer
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Jaemin Frazer

Diploma of Life coaching, PCC 
Goulburn , New South Wales, Australia
Personal development expert. Author of "Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems"

About me

Expert in the art of personal development
Author of Elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems

Coaching with me

Creating elegantly simple solutions to complex people problems.

People imagine their problems are incredibly complicated and totally unique.

The beautiful thing is that they are neither.

The solution may not be easy, but it is definitely not complicated... AND we all go through the same kind of things and held back by the same kind of limiting beliefs.

No band-aid solutions.
Behaviour is the end of the assembly line.
People work perfectly. The results they are getting are the exact results they have designed their system to produce.
Behaviour management therefore is never a sustainable change strategy.
Instead, transformation happens when our system of beliefs are changed which then naturally produces different behaviour.


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6 sessions
2 months unlimited sessions
Are you not at your best right now?
Are you lost, stuck or disillusioned with where you are heading?
Are you sidelined by poor health, lack of confidence, or fear?
Do you feel like time is ticking on your dreams and goals in life?
"30 Days to getting back in the game" could be just what you need.
- The 30 day program combines a proven framework plus high quality personal coaching to get clear results fast
- Flexibility of online modules.
- Daily coaching from Jaemin
- Weekly live group call

Short courses or group coaching
Transformational coach training

Coaching is such an exciting and dynamic skill set. Yet, one of the interesting things about being in an unregulated industry is that there is such a wide range experiences people have when they encounter a coach.

Here are a few key distinctions about the style of this coach training program to help you compare it with what else is available.

No behaviour management. The default change strategy for most people involves more effort, energy, discipline and focus. Yet, behaviour is at the end of the assembly line so if you only making changes on the behavioural level, you have to keep making the same changes every day! Lasting change always comes from dealing with the underlying belief that produces the behaviour in the first place. This coach training teaches you how to facilitate genuine and lasting transformation rather than to simply apply bandaids.

The best tools for change in the game. Discover the sharpest, most powerful tools for facilitating lasting transformation

Creating massive leverage for change by correctly setting up the coaching space. You can have the best tools, yet use them in the wrong context and do more damage than good.

You have to smoke what you are selling! This is not a course designed to give you tools to hide behind and then try to fix everyone else. This will primarily be a personal development experience for you first and THEN out of the overflow of your own change journey you get to be useful to others.

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Ongoing training
Join "The worlds best change agents" Facebook group for $49/month and get ongoing training and support to help you become an outstanding coach.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • NLP practitioner
  • Post grad certificate in Leadership
  • Diploma of life coaching
Jaemin is one of the world’s best change agents: he is a highly effective personal coach with a unique way of applying powerful coaching principles to everyday life. Through his book, the breakthrough 30 Day coaching program, and the transformational coach training programs, Jaemin is devoted to enabling people to develop themselves and make the changes that are most important to them

Jaemin is a highly recognised & well respected personal coach who has been praised by both colleagues and clients. He brings an energetic and inspiring outlook to life, and is sure to encourage anyone who comes in contact with him. He has a Bachelor of Theology & Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership from the University of Sydney as well as a Diploma of Life Coaching from the Coaching Institute.

Jaemin is also known as the 'One Minute Coach' and is featured on radio stations all over Australia.

Fee description

Fees: from $200 USD to $3000 USD

Online coaching $995
Premium Online + 2 skype sessions $995/month
2 months unlimited $3k
12 week coach training $3k


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