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James Watson

Mindful Meditation Guide and Coach 
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Guiding and facilitating individual and organizational growth through awareness and mindfulness.

About me

My path to coaching was not an intentional one, nor one I embraced immediately. I defined who I was by my career and the titles I placed on my professional profiles, only to accept that my contributions to relationships, both personal and professional, resided in an ability I neglected to appreciate. As a practitioner of meditation, I began to grow more aware and mindful of my abilities in communication, listening both actively and intuitively, and the influence that this had on others. Over time I came to learn that what I was doing had a name, and though I rejected it for a time, I have come to accept my role as 'coach' to many people around me.

As I continue to grow in mindfulness of myself, I seek to extend the insights and practices that I learn to help others achieve greater awareness, balance, and fulfillment. I view this interaction as a relationship whereby you achieve happiness and contentment through your personal journey in progressing toward your goals and the things that hold value and meaning for you.

Over the past five years I have traveled to over 40 countries and developed relationships with people from around the world. This has been one of my greatest lessons, and has offered me an increased ability in understanding and interacting with people that express themselves, communicate, and understand the world from very diverse perspectives. There is no single path to forging a happy and full life - together we will seek the path that resonates with you and your vibration in this world.

Over the past ten years I have been a technology professional, specializing in organizational change management and business intelligence. My career offered me opportunities to work with start-up organizations, Fortune500 companies, as well as the federal government. I continue to consult technology companies in organizational communication and optimization.

Coaching with me

Awareness and mindfulness of self, values, and goals will allow you to take steps toward achieving them. Guiding you toward high ending your awareness, along with active coaching, is intended to empower you to living a happier, balanced, and fulfilled life.
I feel the most impactful form of coaching is in person. As I travel a lot and have had requests from clients around the world, phone and video conference coaching is available.

Coaching is a relationship in which we focus on your goals first, while developing your awareness and mindfulness of self and the present. As you construct meaningful and valuable goals, you learn to find balance and intensity in the here and now, approaching life as a fluid motion rather than a series of obstacles and achievements.


I prefer to meet individuals face-to-face when possible. As a perpetual traveler, I am often somewhere in the world, making this difficult.
Since I travel extensively, online coaching using video conference tools allows me to connect with individuals on a regular schedule. When I am in your hometown, I prefer to meet in person.

Experience, Certifications and Training

I have been mentoring individuals for nearly a decade, and am extending my influence beyond my immediate circle. In this time I have guided individuals to address self-image and struggles pertaining to it, relationships, motivation, focus, and wellness. As an organizational manager, I work with groups in areas of productivity, communication, and management, through my extensive experience with start-up, Fortune500, and Federal environments.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $100 USD

Introductory meeting - 1 hour - $50
Regular Scheduled Meeting - 1 Hour every other week / month paid in advance - $200
Committed Coaching - 1 Hour every week / month paid in advance - $250


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