lifecoach $10000 USD Jami Keller Jami Keller Providing a male and female perspective, we get ten years progress in as little four weeks.
Coach Jami Keller
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Jami Keller

Invite Coaching Certified 
Boise, Idaho, United States
Providing a male and female perspective, we get ten years progress in as little four weeks.
Life coach Relationship coach
Communication coach Recovery coach
Family coach Affair and Pornography Issues

FEES from $50 USD to $10000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Jami and Marla bring eighteen years of relationship coaching as well as their Occupatonal and Counseling degrees to your relationships. Having worked with thousands of singles and couples they have achieved a 97% success rate in keeping couples together, happily! The Passion Provokers system is supplemented by their Feeling Wheel App available at iTunes. The powerful insights and concise teachings are easily learned. Many have said that in three or four sessions they have made more progress than ten years of other work.

Our Affair Repair system has saved many couples years of pain. The sooner we are cantacted the sooner the healing can begin.

Coaching with me

We have been helping couples stop the core issues in thinking and behaving that limit all areas of growth. Beginning with relational patterns we quickly give you specific custom tools, that are functionally practiced with immeadiate results. These results carry over into all areas of life, most people excelling in all primary relationships, career, and financial issues.
We use 90 minute sessions once a week, either via Face Time, Skype, or in person. Using telephone and computer file follow up we have at least two contacts per week, usually for six to ten weeks.

Passion Provokers believes firmly that you can be independent in your own process in a short period of time, never working one process for more than a year and ususlly less than ten weeks.

Being directive we can give you the fastes results in the shortest time. We offer a FREE CONSULT to be sure we are a good match. Call us today at 208 649 4769


We coach as a couple so you get the experience of 18 years from both male and female perspectives for singles or couples.
We coach as a couple so you get the experience of 18 years from both male and female perspectives for singles or couples. Skype or Face Time
Short courses or group coaching
We have a variety of weekend and week long seminars that happen in Boise Idaho and around the world.
Ongoing training
We train coaches and sell franchises for the exclusive Passion Provokers System. We get long term results in as little as four weeks!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life Skills Certificate 1995
  • Counseling 2001
  • Occupational Therapy 1990
  • Passion Povokers Franchise license to sell 2010
  • Invite Inc. Master Mentors Certificate 2008
  • Invite Inc. Certificate 2005
Drawing from 25 years immersion in personal growth and development, we have earned professional degrees, and put them to work with more than 18 years of experience including our own nearly disastrous relationship. Our second book "How Men Make Women Crazy and Visa Versa: Ending the Madness" details our foundational work and our current process has now been used for ten years with a 97% success rate. The only people that do not achieve their relational goals are those that refuse to do the work.

Passion Provokers: Creating a passionate life so you can thrive!

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $10000 USD

Our standard process is six weeks for a single or couple. This includes one ninety minute session, one thirty minute phone call and unlimited e-mails. This is $1500.00 for a single and $2500. for a couple. Partial sponsorships are available through Invite Inc. Our Affair Repair is $5000. and is one year of service 17 sessions, phone and e-mail service. We have a 97% success rate keeping relationships together. The sooner we are contacted the faster the progress, hours matter.


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