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Jan Grimmer

Life coach (International)  
Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya
I am a dedicated professional who has high expectations for everyone.

About me

I have been teaching for over thirty years and in that time I have been concerned with developing children's self esteem.

Life Coaching is a natural progression for me and since qualifying I have volunteered in local schools and also run group and private sessions with clients where I have developed a structured approach towards helping them achieve their goals and dreams in all areas of their life..

Coaching with me

I will help clients develop their self esteem,appreciate who they are and guide them each session to achieve their goals.

Each session will consist of exercises to complete and there will follow discussion. I will sett tasks to be completed at home to maintain the momentum and keep the client focused.

In between sessions clients can contact me by email and I will help to allay any doubts they might have in themselves.
I coach in a sensitive and caring manner. I love to involve the client fully in making decisions about their life and each client will be treated as an individual.

Curse material will be exciting and professionally prepared and bound in a folder. I will use music and songs to stimulate ideas and also to support issues.


I offer Private coaching in my home at 3000/- per hour where I will help clients achieve their goals in life.
Short courses or group coaching
I have been successful in delivering courses to adults (Max 30 people) where I hold structured meetings every month and cover Goal setting/Visualization/Self limiting beliefs and moving forward positively.
Ongoing training
I am currently advancing my skills by developing stress management training

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • B.Education
  • CFFS(certificate in Further professional studies.)
  • SNHS International Life coaching (advanced) accredditation,Member of the Life Coaching Institute
  • Beginners,Intermediate and Advanced Life Coaching
Taught for thirty years (as a result I can coach both adults and children)
Three children /married.
Lived in Kenya for twenty Years (originally from the UK)

Developed an interest in Life Coaching myself when I decided I needed a slight change in career direction.

Qualified a a life Coach and undergoing stress management qualification

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD

Individuals pay 3000/- per hour and groups 1000/- per person . This includes all course notes. Sessions are interactive and participation/discussion are an expectation.


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