lifecoach $1997 USD Janine Hamilton Janine Hamilton My mission is to give people the tools to make living a life free of sugar easy and enjoyable.
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Janine Hamilton

Eat 2 Defeat Type 2 Diabetes 
Online, New York, United States

My mission is to give people the tools to make living a life free of sugar easy and enjoyable.

Wellness coach Type 2 Diabetes

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About me

I'm a performing artist and educator who was addicted sugar. Now I'm addicted to sailing (long story ;)

I've been able to live predominantly sugar free for over 5 years and the side effects have been striking. I've lost significant weight without even trying to. I don't count calories, carbs or use a scale.

My health has improved, my joints stopped hurting every time I used the stairs and my energy has risen to new highs. I'm happier, healthier and ok I'm gonna say it...hotter!  

Here's the real kicker...I underwent this transformation while eating foods that were delicious and plentiful. I did it not by eating less but by changing what I ate. I know I can teach you to do the same.




Weekly One on One Coaching Sessions to guide you through the Eat2DefeatT2 Program.

The program covers MindSet, Education on Sugar and the Digestive System, Mindfullness practice, Shopping Guidance, a 10-Day Sugar Cleanse with all Recipes and Shopping Lists, Cooking Classes and how to Live Sugar Free.

Meal Plans, Recipes, Shopping Lists and Prep Guides for the entire three months are also included as a Bonus.

Short courses or group coaching

Prevent T2 is a year-long course recognized by the CDC that is offered in 3 month increments.


Fee description

Fees: from $47 USD to $1997 USD

Fees depend on how much Coaching you receive. 


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