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Janis Andersen

Personal Growth,Career, Couples 
Chicago, Illinois, United States
I love life coaching, helping people is so rewarding.

About me

I am a very outgoing female who loves to help people. I am single and live with my two cats Susie and Sam. Susie is a Siberian and my princess, Sam is a Bombay and simply full of life., he is my little black panther. They are totally spoiled ,and I don't care Life coaching is something I do because I believe in the concept of helping people be in control of their life. I teach them to identify their areas of concern and how to solve their problems. I find that laughter is the best medicine, and you will find me smiling most of the time. A positive attitude has been with me all of my life, through marriages, the death of my soul mate, the raising of my four children. I totally enjoy plays performed by the university drama department. Watching these young people perform is really a joy. I love music of all kinds, it is turned on in the morning and I go to sleep with it at night. In the summertime I can attend concerts in the park, and a wide variety of other things to do in Chicago. I also love to curl up with a good book, and have learned to allow myself these pleasures. I believe we continue to learn throughout our lives, so once again I enjoy life coaching because those who participate learn so much about themselves. One of my favorite sayings came from my oldest son. When I was deciding to become a life coach he said "mom you have been doing this for me all of my life, now are you going to charge me?" I look forward to the experience of coaching you!   more...

Coaching with me

The following are actually results and goals that have been accomplished by former clients. They have achieved a different aspect of themselves. They have found that they can turn their lives around and live by their dreams and goals from a place of strength rather than fear. They have received valuable tools and information to continue their journey with a positive attitude. They have found direction in their life and learned to put things into perspective, take things in stride and not take life too seriously, just live it. They have learned the importance of taking care of self, and that there are several different directions they can go in life, there is more than one path. They have accomplished an attitude of hope and realization that the outcome of a situation cannot be predicted, nor should they try to predict it. It is important to realize that preparing as best as one can is all they can do and that agonizing over every little detail is of little use. When they learn to "Just live it" a simple concept that pulls it all together, their life will be much less difficult.    more ...
I am and will be very honest with you, and expect the same from you. I will give you assignments that will help you by doing them and will help me coach you by knowing what is really going on. I will expect you to complete these assignments prior to your next scheduled appointment. This allows me to review and be prepared for our coaching session. I think every two weeks to once a month is a good time frame for coaching. Any thing more or less is not as productive.

I am going to suggest ways of change and accomplishment. I expect your participation, sharing your concerns, be willing to change your ways when you need to, work with me to discover and develop what works for you with my help.

I will be compassionate and understanding, knowing that this is something new and takes time. Sometimes it is frustrating but together we will make it.


Coaching is your Guide in personal growth and issues, career guidance and relationship success. Sessions are 1/2 to 1 hour, depending on your choice or my recommendation. You will receive personal guidance to discover what your needs are, we will do some soul searching, thinking through where you are now and where you want to be. We will overcome obstacles and challenges on our journey to your success. There are packages available which describe fee discounts for obligating to multiple sessions.
Online coaching does not differ from private coaching. The same guidance exists, the same discovery process takes place.
Ongoing training
Always, but not necessarily in class

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified-Coach Training Alliance August 2006
  • Substance abuse series; Human Development
  • Depression/Bipolar Support Alliance
I have done a wide variety of work all connected to people. I have worked as a Placement Manager, Inside Sales, Building Manager of rental apartments. I have continued to educate myself in various community colleges, but never obtained a degree. I obtained a Real Estate Sales license. I have tutored Spanish speaking children in reading, and served on the board of directors for the building I live in. I have also served on several committees in that building. I have attended Human Relations, Management, and Sales seminars.

I believe my greatest accomplishment was raising four children. Also learning more about myself and continuing that learning today.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $272 USD

Cash $75.00 per one hour session, Schedule 4 one hour sessions receive 20% discount $240.00, Students special $35.00, Students special schedule 4 one hour sessions receive 20% discount $140.00 Credit Card/ Debit Card or Checks $85.00 one hour session, Schedule 4 one hour sessions and receive 20% discount $272.00, Students special rate one hour $45.00, Students schedule 4 one hour sessions and receive 20% discount $144.00.
Payment is expected at time of service. Fees may be tax deductible as a business expense, check with your CPA


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