lifecoach $100 USD Jared Mello Jared Mello I love helping clients get the most out of their lives and to reach their highest potential.
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Jared Mello

BA Marketing, Life Coach, Mentor 
Medford, New Jersey, United States
I love helping clients get the most out of their lives and to reach their highest potential.

About me

I have personal experience with many issues and understand these issues in a way someone who has not experienced them cannot. I believe heavily in the power of positive self talk and reprogramming our minds to have no limits. I enjoy working with clients to help them become more productive and to achieve all of their goals.

Coaching with me

I want my clients to live happy and fulfilled lives. In order for this to occur, we need to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. I also want my clients to be more productive and easily and effortlessly achieve their goals.
My coaching involves a three step process which tends to be cycled. First, I give all of my clients unconditional positive regard in order to build rapport and to help them feel more comfortable with me and to help them understand they will not be judged for being themselves. Once I feel the client can handle it, I may challenge their beliefs or confront them on their actions in a loving and caring way. Sometimes the challenge may be simply that the client is not giving themselves enough credit. Finally, in order to help clients reach their goals, I will use a method called the Well Formed Outcome/. This really removes any excess clutter when it comes to thinking clearly about what we want and how we go about getting it.


I allow all clients to have the first session for free. Then I take a look at what you want and what you think your issues are and we address them one by one.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Crisis CONTACT worker, suicide hotline
  • Addictions Counseling Courses completed
  • Rider masters of mental health counseling courses
I have been mentoring youth's for 4 years and I love to help others. I have been in the struggle of having a job I was not passionate about and my soul just couldn't take it. I have been through addictions, relationship problems, anxiety, and depression. I have a deep empathy for those who have suffered the way I have. Unlike many professionals, I have been through many of the ailments my clients have and it gives me an understanding not many possess. I am a mentor for an agency right now and have worked at a drug and alcohol treatment facility.

Fee description

Fees: from $80 USD to $100 USD

I like to see my clients at least twice per month. If someone signs a 6 month contract the price is $750 for 6 months which saves the client $210.


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