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Jason Simpson

AMAP Life Coaching Certification 
Fort Myers, Florida, United States

Father, Husband, Coach. 

About me

I'm a master of the excuses to use to not make real, lasting and substantial change. "I'm don't deserve good things", been there done that used it as my anthem for years. "I'm a bad person", this little gem was planted by my mother when I was just a child, another 'justification' statement when things don't go well.

The point is, the only thing standing between you and a more fulfilling and happy life is your own monkey brain. Let me help you put a leash on that monkey brain and help you alter the messages you tell yoursefl so you can go on to be a more fulfilled happy person. 

I've helped hundreds of people get past the ego and superego to start living the life the want, know what the little gremlins/monky brain tells them they deserve.

Are you ready to do this? 



These sessions will be done online throught video calls. I like video calls because with just an audio call, it's very easy for the client to get distracted and fade off into lala land.


I use a varying aray of platforms, usually whatever works best for the client. I'm open to Facetime, Facebook Messenger and Skype.

Fee description

Fees: from $229 USD to $339 USD

I offer two different packages.


One for those who need more indepth analysis and a value/belief realization.


The other is for those who know where they want to go, the just need some guidance and accountabilty to get there as it's incredibly easy to let ourselves down.


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