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Jeanette Raucci

Life Coach 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Empowered to be yourself!

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My coaching starts with an open discussion about the things that you want to change. From there, we will work together to pull out the specific and actionable goals.



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Over 15 years of dating and relationship experience!

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Jeanette Raucci
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  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Jeanette Raucci J. Olivia M. | August 31, 2015
    5 Star
    Thank you, Jeanette!

    With the amount of lows I have had over the past year, I almost completely spun off into complete despair had it not been for the patience and thoughtful words of Jeanette Raucci. All at once I felt the pressure of work, trying to find a relevant career two years post undergrad, while feeling the need for money and independence in the city where everyone, according to social media and hearsay, seems to be succeeding. I could not find the balance of satisfying my creativity and exploring my talents with making enough money to survive and indulge my creativity and my lifestyle. I also felt like a failure having to live with my parents after school ended, not being able to move in with my boyfriend, and feeling dependent on my parents as no professional opportunities were coming my way that would pay the bills despite my frantic job application crusade.

    When I came to Jeanette with these issues, she sat and listened patiently as I ventured into “poor me” territory, and then provided amazing suggestions and advice. Firstly, she told me to get out of the mindset of what “success” supposedly is, hinting that the pressures of social media and the people around you were no more than a well curated illusion. Jeanette then said what I knew I needed to hear: you are not in a race, you are not being held up to any standard other than what you create in your own head, and the part time job you are working right now allows you all the time you need to be creative and begin your own passion projects, so you might as well use it while you can instead of worrying about what you aren’t doing and what you don’t have. She also gave me great words of wisdom regarding my worries in my first long term relationship. From matters of love to matters of business and also family issues, she has certainly helped me dig myself out of many dark days.

    Thank you, Jeanette!!!


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