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Jeffery Mack

Life Experience, Athletic Coaching  
Largo, Florida, United States

Masters Sprinter, Olympic Trails, Fitness Motivational Coaching.





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About me

As a World Class Masters Track & Field athlete I specialize in working with individuals to help them reach maximum potential in conquering their goals! I would like to share similar methods that helped me to win numerous races against collegiate sprinters! Oh and by the way... did I mention that I am 46 years of age? Billed as the world's fastest 45+ male; I apply my 15 years of experience in fitness, mentorship and performance coaching in a very unique way. The ability to provide motivational guidance through a living example is highly sought after. Imagine being able to counsel with someone that has experienced similar battles, struggles and setbacks. Have you  been told that you are too old, not smart enough or how about self doubt and endless excuses. Being able to associate with clients in a relatable manner to drive their focus and attention in a positive direction is key. I believe there is a reason that we all aspire to achieve more. Our outlook on life is important, your ambition is your responsibility, your goal depends on you.

Coaching with me


Coaching with me:

The main objective with every client is to allow them to open up and explore their vision within. One central goal is to reassure all clients of their confidence and that having dreams, desires and passion is perfectly fine. Even if no one else believes in you. I help to focus in on what keeps you going and how to zone in on different areas of your talents, resources and time. Redirect negative thoughts through encouragement in knowing that there is a purpose for what you are in search of. There are times when most of us become derailed in our goals and lose sight of thought. Bringing you back to a neutral stating point with increased preparation, clarity and a  stronger well being. At that point more structure of guidance and control in your day-to-day routine brings efficient effort and positive rhythm into your life.


I enjoy hearing the excitement of a client as they relive their thoughts and goals as if it were for the first time. What you can expect from me is an ear for listening with compassion and supportive understanding. Open freedom to be emotional with your thoughts (in regards to your level). A respectful calming demeanor but consistent in accountability with a sensible response.


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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • AA Engineering
  • Leadership In Management
  • Athletic Coaching & Performance

Being and underdog in any aspect of life can be tough and sometimes exhausting. Constant self doubt can also lead to despair and desperation. After not competing as a NCAA sprinter, I too felt the pain of being left behind and left out. Once you’re told by others that age plays a factor into what you want to achieve...that can also bring you down.

Well...I see things differently! After making an effort and believing in my blessings, I have since competed with and beat collegiate sprinters! Not just once but enough to be placed in the top ten in the finals. I have also competed in the 2012 Olympic Trials exhibition race along with being the 3 time consecutive Penn Relays 100 meters Masters Champion! All of being well into my 40's!

In my early life of college and the successful drive to major in Electronics Engineering, I stayed with the love of track and field. So much that I became a high school track coach. In the same year our team advanced to the state finals! Something that the school had not witnessed in 8 years. Much later my technical career switched into project management which advanced to becoming a divisional manager of 10 employees. Through hours of training in lead management to psychological athletic coaching I decided to offer services to help others that may be missing that guide or special connection with a mentor/coach. I enjoy knowing that clients now have a different approach at life and that happiness can be obtained through trial ad error.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $750 USD

Fees: from $50 USD to $750 USD

Initial Coaching Consultation Fees are: Free for 15 min $20 UDS for additional 30 min

$125 USD/Hr for personal individuals, $200 USD/Hr for business related clients or management.

Package $450 USD for one month (1Hr weekly sessions) personal individuals.

Package $750 USD for one month (1Hr weekly sessions) business related clients or management. 


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