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Jen Feeny

Health Coach 
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I will help you find out where to start and where to go next to reach your health goals.

About me

I have always been interested in health and wellness but my passion really developed in my college years. In my first year of college I found that I had a gluten sensitivity which made it difficult to eat much of the cafeteria food on my meal plan. I also found the mark-ups on the food to crazy!! I started to experiment more in the kitchen and really loved it! By cooking my own food I was able to each much healthier (because there wasn’t additional fat and additives in my meals) and for half the price.

In addition to eating well, I also joined the gym at the school and would work out a couple times a week. I also walked everywhere and would roller blade often in the summer. I felt so energized which allowed me to focus better in school and engage in more extra-curricular activities. By practicing good self-care I managed to avoid the freshman twenty and actually lose 10 pounds by eating healthy and staying active.

This healthy lifestyle became a habit and to this day I am able to maintain my weight by eating healthy and participating in regular exercise. This became particularly useful as I became pregnant this past year with our first baby. Throughout the pregnancy I continued to eat healthy and get regular exercise (walking and prenatal yoga were my favorite) so I could provide the best environment for my baby and stay energized. Of course I indulged in the typical pregnancy cravings such as hamburgers, poutine and ice cream but ate healthy the other 80% of the time.

When I would go for my prenatal checkups, the doctor was always so amazed at how strong Brody’s heartbeat was. He loved it in my tummy so much he didn’t want to come out. I believe by taking care of my body during my pregnancy played a good part in my ability to deliver him naturally. If you haven’t gone through child birth yet, let me tell you that is a wild ride!! The more you can do to get your body in shape before that experience the better.

Since I maintained a good weight during my pregnancy, the extra baby weight came off fairly quickly. I didn’t make any drastic changes except to continue to eat well and do some walking. I didn’t make any additional effort to lose weight except let time bring my tummy back to normal. I am in the best shape now then I have ever been by just carrying him around. The heavier the baby gets, the bigger your “weights” are. It may not seem like it but lifting is a full body workout.

Becoming a mom has been a wonderful, whirlwind adventure. You definitely learn A LOT about yourself and develop new traits at record speed. One of the biggest lessons I have learned thus far is the importance of work-life balance and self-care. As a mom we love our babies so much that we sometimes neglect ourselves. We can lose ourselves in a hurry if we don’t take that time for us every once in a while.

Brody is the reason I have decided to start this health coaching business so I can be home with him while also making a living doing something I love. What I enjoy most about health coaching is that I can help make such a great impact in the lives of others by helping them making positive, long lasting changes in their long term health.

As you can gather from my story, the health changes that I made in college have stuck with me up until this point in my life. Once you get a taste of how great it feels to be healthy, you will be committed to the lifestyle required to maintain that. The changes that I have made have also had a ripple effect in my family. It seems getting healthy is contagious.

Coaching with me

Lose weight and keep it off
Eat healthier
Manage stress with work and relationships
Achieve a greater work-life balance
Practice better self-care
Increase energy
Increase confidence
Asking powerful open-ended questions to allow the client to find the answers within themselves.
Providing 2-3 recommendations per session that are easy to integrate
Open and honest communication.
Provide motivation, words of encouragement and inspiration to keep going.


Working with a health coach It is a completely different experience than any "weight loss program" as we talk about what is getting in the way of losing weight and what to do to move forward. We work together over a period of 3 or 6 months so you can learn to develop new healthy habits with my support. I will teach you lasting lifetime knowledge about how to make healthier choices for yourself and family.

The regular price for my program is $150/month but I offer a special discount for paying for the program in full. This includes two coaching sessions per month, unlimited email support between sessions, and supportive handouts to support you on your health journey.

During these coaching sessions we will be talking about your current obstacles to reaching your health goals and I will provide custom recommendations to overcome these. With the support of a health coach to keep you motivated during these changes, you will reach your health goals much faster and learn to maintain them.

In signing up for the program, you are not only helping yourself get healthier and leaner but this will have a positive ripple effect in your family.

There are no supplements or strict diet plans. We work to make small changes to your diet and lifestyle at a time so you can create new healthy habits. This program is more focused on health education rather than typical diet fads.

I offer a free health consultation for you to learn more about the program and get a real experience of what a health coaching session is like. I will email you the health history form and we'll set up a time to chat over the phone.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Algonquin College - Marketing (3 years)
  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition - Health Coaching
  • Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner
  • Reiki I and II

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $150 USD

Programs may be paid in full or in monthly installments. There is a one month, three month and six month program. During each month there are two sessions included for a total of $150/month.


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