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Jenn Parretta

Sexuality & Intimacy Coach  
Tacoma, Washington, United States

Passionate about helping others find their creative & sexual energy! Queer/Kink/Polyam friendly

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About me

Through the many walks that we face in our lives, I took a  path of my own.  I conquered my own battles and am still learning how to grow from my past every day.  My journey lead me to want to be a helper, to connect others to resources, and inspiring them to create a life that they can be proud of.  

My journey has lead me to have a diverse array of experiences.  From my education program in Couple & Family Therapy w/ specializations in Art Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Sex Education to my unique experiences as an artist, circus performer, and educator, I have a lot of knowledge to offer my clients.  

I hope to raise awareness on the importance of pleasure-based, consensual, medically-accurate, comprehensive sex education through my workshops, webinars, and 1:1 coaching. I take a trauma-informed stance and follow polyvagal theory very closely.  



  • Current student at Antioch University--Master of Art's in Child & Family Therapy with an Art Therapy Specialization

    • Sex Therapy certificate

    • Sex Education certificate

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Family Science from Central Washington University

  • Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with focuses in Psychology and Studio Art from Pierce College

  • Life Coach Certificate - Achology 

Continuing Education:

  • Applied Tantra for Clincians - NWIOI Seattle, WA - 2/15/2020 - 2/16/2020

  • Consent Basics for a Sex Positive World - Consent Academy, Seattle, WA - 12/2019

  • Clinical Work with  Consensually Non-Monogomous Clients - Antioch University, Seattle, WA - 10/2019

  • WAMFT Conference Seattle, WA - 9/2019

    • Cultural Competence with Polyamorous Families - Dossie Easton, LMFT

    • “Integrating Sexuality in Relationship Therapy”, Fiona O’Farrell, MA, LMFT, CST

    • “Creative Strategies for the Erotic Mismatch”, Nancy Owen, MA, LMHC, CST

    • “Ethical Non-Monogamy in Clinical Care”, Mia Fine, MS, LMFT, CST, CIIP

    • “Should I Stay or Should I Go? Ambiguity & Inclusivity in Couple Therapy”, Steven Harris, PhD, LMFT

  • Cannabis Informed Therapy - Antioch University, Seattle, WA - 9/15/2019

  • WAMFT Conference Seattle, WA - 9/2018

    • “I Love You but I’m Not Attracted to You” - Ethan Schwab, Charity Laughlin, & Geraldine Tay

    • “Panel Discussion: “Understanding the Clinical Needs of Queer Clients” - Stephanie Mustopitch

    • “Trans Relationships and Sexuality” - Anne Mauro & Amira Fordham Erickson

    • “Roll, Play, Grow: Dungeons and Dragons as Therapy” - Adam Davis & Adam Johns



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Fees: from $65 USD to $500 USD


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