lifecoach $150 USD Jenna Luzzo Jenna Luzzo I will help you learn how to empower yourself & achieve your goals using client centered techniques.
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Jenna Luzzo

MSSW, LMSW, Master Coach 
Austin, Texas, United States
I will help you learn how to empower yourself & achieve your goals using client centered techniques.

FEES from $35 USD to $150 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

As a trained and licensed clinical therapist I combine the therapeutic technics I've learned through out my training along with coaching platforms, to individualize each coaching session that is best tailored to meet my clients' needs and goals. I offer a unique client-centered service delivered by a person with a disability who has a deep understanding of how a disability can effect every aspect of one's life, including those around you. Client-centered counseling is the foundation every client needs in order to achieve personal growth, self awareness, and change. Clients learn how to empower themselves by utilizing new coping skills in a confidential setting with a therapist/coach who embodies acceptance, genuineness, understanding and empathy.
I offer sessions to all individuals, providing Individual, couple, or family sessions. If you're interested in group life coaching, I offer a course specifically working with disabled or chronically ill clients.

I provide a FREE 20 minute consultation! Most sessions run between 50-75 minutes depending on the client's desire. Session rates start at $35 for 50 minute sessions. Rates depend on session length, communication type, number of participants, and client's annual income. Packages are provided upon request and are dependent on client's desired goal. Session fees are negotiated during your FREE consultation. Payment Plans are also negotiable.

Coaching with me

Life Coaching helps you identify and achieve personal and professional goals. It is a process based on your expressed interests and objectives – you take action, and I will coach and facilitate you. I will help you set and reach goals, help you develop your talent and potential, and help you move toward the realization of your dreams and aspirations.

I can also help you with working through your thoughts and feelings. Help reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, depression. If you lack confidence or motivation we can change that together. I have a wide variety of experience from working as a clinical counselor, so any tasks or goals you'd like to work on I'm confident that I will be able to assist and you reach that desire.
My coaching style is client-centered and I believe that the key to change ultimately comes from the client's self determination. My desire is for my clients to see me as a confidant as I encourage and guide them in the direction they are needing to go in order to reach the goals they are aiming to achieve.

It's my job to listen, reflect, and offer insight to you based upon my understanding of various forms of counseling and coaching theory. Your life coach becomes a catalyst who helps you capitalize on your strengths, overcome barriers, and proactively set and achieve reachable goals. Your coach is someone who is there at your side, in an unbiased way, to encourage you all along your journey. What makes my perspective unique is the fact that services are being delivered by a coach who has a disability and a deep understanding of how a disability can effect every aspect of one's life. Disability or not, sometimes life throws you a pretty big curve ball, and I want to be the one who show you how to catch it.
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If you would like to have coaching sessions in person I will be happy to meet you at a location of your choice. Please note that it must be within 40 miles of my location. I live in Austin, Texas. Rates for a 50 minute in person coaching session start out at $50 and increase depending on location. Please contact me if you're interested or you have any questions. Session fees are negotiated during FREE consultation. Payment Plans are also negotiable.
I offer online coaching sessions using a variety of communication options: Video-Conferencing, Phone sessions, FaceTime, Texting, private messaging/IM/email sessions are available upon request.

Video-Conferencing sessions 50-75 minutes. I utilize a HIPPA complient telehealth network. This database uses higher incription compared to Skype, insuring client confidentiality. Clients have free and easy access to the database, no downloads needed. Sessions rates are determined during your FREE consultation.

Phone sessions are just that. I will call my client and we can chat/have our 50-75 minute sessions over the phone. This option is great for those who are always on the go, but would like to get in their weekly sessions! Maybe you do it during your morning walks, or on your lunch break. The options are endless if multi-tasking works for you. Session rates are determined during your FREE consultation.

If talking on the phone or video-conferencing doesn't work best for you then I'd be happy to provide 50-75 minute sessions using your preference of messaging outlets. I will do everything on my end to ensure confidentiality on my part however, please be aware that this method does not provide assurance of complete privacy, as I have no ability to control what data that computers or text messages may save.    more ...
Short courses or group coaching
I provide group sessions for individuals who are interested in gaining a better understanding of what it's like working with individuals and their family who have a disability or chronic illnesses. What's most unique about this group is that it is lead by 2 coaches who grew up with a disability and know the obstacles and challenges the world can create. You will hear first hand experiences, life lessons, and get tips on the best ways to treat & support someone with a disability, and/or their loved ones. This group is open to EVERYONE! Maybe you're a life coach and want to become more aware of how you can best serve your clients, or maybe you are a friend or family member of someone who has a disability or was recently diagnosed with a chronic/terminal illness, or maybe you yourself have a disability and would like to share your story. Please message me if you're interested in becoming a part of this group. Rate is a flat $45 per person per week. Family/session packages are available.

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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Licensed Masters Social Worker, LMSW
  • Master Coach
  • Masters of Science in Clinical Social Work (MSSW)
My name is Jenna Luzzo and I'm a Licensed Master Social Worker, and obtained a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin. Everyone says I've been defying the odds ever since I was little. I was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at a young age and given a short life expectancy. I have always been striving to help others and to prove to myself and the world that I am capable of working hard, having a family and maintaining a career that I am passionate about. Despite My age, I have ample amounts of experience in the field especially when related to disabled services. I aim to help those who are disabled as well as able bodied individuals. My professional and clinical experiences have been with diverse populations. I have worked as a therapist serving clients from all backgrounds of life, as well as studied a multitude of theories and techniques within the counseling field. This gives me the ability to hand select the appropriate technique which would best suit the individual client's needs and goals.In my free time I love hanging out with my boyfriend and partner in crime, friends and family. My personal life is very family oriented. I love to travel and go out and try new things. I am determined not to let my disability stop me from achieving my dreams and I believe that you shouldn't let obstacles stand in your way either.
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Fee description

Fees: from $35 USD to $150 USD

Packages are available depending on client's desired goals. All prices are determined on a sliding scale based off of client's monthly income. All prices can be negotiated! Payment plans are available upon request. If price is a major factor please let me know!


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