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Jennifer Flynn

Business and Lifestyle Strategist 
Gunnison, Colorado, United States

Helping 'High Achievers' end the war between work and play.

About me


I laughingly (but truthfully) call myself a ‘recovering’ perfectionist. I am a professional, wife and mother of three daughters. I have been in the thickest of thick, dark, gnarly ugliness of life living me. Much as a result of my own doing of course, because, I am a perfectionist after all and I can do everything…right? The unattainable in times past has always been my goal. Good enough was never good enough. I wore perfectionism like a badge of honor, thinking it was something to be proud of, until I realized the mass destruction it causes to relationships, health, and most importantly personal happiness and well-being.

I now strive for ‘high excellence’ because no one knows better than a perfectionist that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’. Perfect is the gremlin that with its conjoined twin Guilt gets you by the throat and then throws a party and invites its friends. They are like a bad street drug that brainwash you into thinking you are never ‘enough’. Horrible little joy stealing creatures!

I work with professional men and women who may have fallen headlong into the trap or are at the precipice of life living them. Those who are challenged with the work/ home balance. We work together to establish vision, change the mindset, and tell a new story by implementing tools and systems to establish balance, thereby creating a more joyful existence.

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Fees: from $175 to $2000


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