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Jennifer Sheffield

Professional Business & Life Coach 
Orange City, Florida, United States

Helping people make their "impossible"... Achievable!

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FEES from $60 USD to $1600 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

People usually describe me as a kind and happy person who is really easy to talk to and can offer important insight. I would say I'm a person who is genuinely interested in people and helping them be interested in their life again! I've been a coach I think most of my life... I just didn't realize it was a "thing" until my early twenties. I spent years circling many different industries; I've been a teacher, a tutor, a coach, counselor, advocate, caregiver, trainer... I've worked in the business sector, in administration, in the mental health field... I've served in non-profits and community health services to aid our community. I'm also a mom and a wife, and I love adventure, cute furry critters, the beach and bonfires on a cool night. I love my life, and like you, I've been through many transitions, searched for meaning, developed skills and hit those brick walls. I find ways to make my impossible dreams come true, and so should you. I can help you find the impossible is achievable.

Coaching with me

Most of my clients come to me in some state of transition whether that is a big career change, relationship shifts, changing phase of life, or even the transition back to normal life after suffering trauma, being a long-term care-giver or dealing with PTSD. I'm betting you are feeling some sort of transition in your life right now too.

I help my clients clarify where they are, define the big dreams and goals they may have lost sight of, develop a balanced life and their own definition of what success, fulfillment and happiness really mean for them. Then we set out to develop whatever skills or strategies they need to overcome any challenges that stand in their way.

One of the biggest mental challenges that you and many others deal with is the "impossible" thinking... that change is impossible, that the desire or dream you envision is just too far away, or unobtainable.

I truly enjoy seeing people have profound moments of clarity and excitement when they realize that they really CAN have the impossible life they've always dreamed of.

My coaching style totally depends on your needs at any given time, however I primarily work from a holistic or whole-life coaching perspective because the areas of our lives don't live in tiny bubbles, they overlap and intertwine. So while each coaching session may be a little different depending on what specific thing you are working on, overall we make sure to look at your whole life and see the impact that changes, movement and momentum in one area will make in the rest of your life.


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Private Coaching (in-person - available to local clients only) Sessions are typically an hour long with a flat rate of $100.00 an hour. Pay by the hour or purchase a discounted multi-hour package. 


Online Coaching Sessions (Via Phone call or a face-to-face online platform Skype/Zoom)  are typically an hour long with a flat rate of $60.00 per hour.  Pay by the hour or purchase a discounted multi-hour package.  Sliding Scale Fee Schedule and limited scholarships also available for those who meet income requirements.  For more information or to apply please visit SheffieldCoaching website - Forms and Files page.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BA Psychology & Organizational Development
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Trauma & PTSD Interventions
Growing up I was surrounded by people living in their limitations and being told what was impossible or unrealistic. This never sat right with me and I always asked why? Why couldn't you be or do or have the things that were important to you. Why did success have a static definition cultivated by the society and culture we lived in instead of figuring out what it meant to us individually? And why was everyone killing themselves to be miserable, sick, consumed by depression or dissatisfaction?

I felt like there had to be another answer... so I began challenging the idea of impossibility. I would listen to people and hear their pain, see they were reaching for something to change, and I would offer my ear and a new perspective. I didn't know it had a name until my mid-twenties when someone told me "you know what you are... you're a life coach."

Even though I had received an excellent education in Psychology, I knew I didn't want to be a traditional therapist or counselor. I was always drawn to seeing people thrive, not just living day to day or surviving or struggling to get over their past, but to really shine in every way they wanted to. I truly enjoy seeing people have profound moments of clarity and excitement when they realize that they really CAN have the impossible life they've always dreamed of.

For the past 15 years, I have been committed to helping people learn more about themselves than they ever knew before, overcome their challenges, and grow into their BIG dreams. I am passionate for helping people create a life they can truly thrive in where they can live their life purposefully and not just see possibilities, but turn them into reality. I stand behind the impossible being achievable because I’ve done it myself and seen person after person do things they never thought they could... things they once saw as impossible.

Having been part of many different industries and communities throughout my life, I bring a wide range of skills and understanding from education, business, sales/customer service, social services, mental health, non-profits, community organizations and support services. My experiences from the classroom to the boardroom, and having personal and family dealings with trauma & mental health issues, help me coach from a place of deeper understanding and compassion, as well as see the bigger potential that you might be missing.

If you’re asking yourself why you aren’t where you want to be…

If it seems like your life has become more about the box you live in than the dreams you once had...

It's probably time for the impossible.

Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD to $1600 USD

Flat rate hourly sessions:
$60.00 - Online Coaching (Phone/Online/Virtual)
$100.00 - Private Coaching (local/in-person)


Discounted Packages for Online Coaching
$540 - 10% off -  10 hours

$765 - 15% off - 15 hours

$960 - 20% off - 20 hours


Discounted Packages for Private Coaching
$900 - 10% off -  10 hours

$1,275 - 15% off - 15 hours

$1,600 - 20% off - 20 hours


TAC (Text-A-Coach) Services also available as a stand-alone item or an addition to any hourly or package service.

$80 - 1 Month TAC (pay as you go) 

$215 - 3 Months TAC

$400 - 6 Months TAC

$760 - Annual Subscription (12 months)


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