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Jenny Ngo

Empowerment & LOA Coach 
Los Angeles, California, United States
Empowerment & Law of Attraction Coach

About me

I am an Empowerment & Law of Attraction Coach here to uplift, inspire, empower, and serve.

Coaching with me

My coaching sessions will leave you feeling empowered, confident, happy, inspired, peaceful, energized, motivated, and moving closer towards your goals, as well as feeling self-aware and connected to your inner resources.

Many of my clients have the experience of being in touch with who they really are, not just who they feel they are expected to be.They gain freedom from fear that gets them off the fence and moves them into action on their goals and aspirations. Limiting patterns and behaviors are released and new levels of performance are achieved. Inauthenticity is left behind and a new and true version of self and life emerges.

My experience coaching with Jenny has helped me cross over a major bridge of self-doubt, which enabled me to accomplish goals I had set out to do on numerous occasions. She has given me the tools and resources to use through the LOA processes and techniques, to raise my energy vibration levels to attract and manifest my deepest desires. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jenny and I would recommend her services to anyone who is stuck, searching for a way out of a rut and to find inner peace, worthiness and true happiness within. -Heather S., Corona CA

Jenny has really helped me to dig into what are the core messages I send myself that get in my way. Once we get to these messages it becomes much easier to challenge them and to replace them with narratives that are more accurate and more helpful. Going through this mining process helps me to feel better about myself and my future by the end of a coaching call and gives me the tools I need to make real changes in my life. Jenny is kind and warm and, in a loving way, challenges me to explore my blocks and take the risk to live a bigger, more empowered life - Laurie P. Emeryville, CA

I hope that anyone thinking of finding someone who is intelligent, compassionate, professional and caring will choose Jenny as her coach. She is a beautiful soul. She helped me feel secure and happy with myself again. - Michael K. New York, NY

Jenny helped me make a huge transition in my life regarding my career. Using the Law of Attraction and her guidance, I took a huge risk towards a better life. - Susanne K. Pittsburg, PA

Passionate, energetic, inquisitive, and caring are the words that come to mind when I think of Jenny. If you have not had the opportunity of being a client of Jenny's then you are missing out on someone who can help you help yourself - Lisa N. West Covina, CA

Jenny Ngo is truly an amazing coach. Her niche for empowering women has brought me to tears on all of our coaching sessions. She is an empathetic listener and intuitive healer. She is an inspiration to aspiring coaches and to anyone who needs to see their value, know their worth and own their power! - April P. , USA

Thanks so much Jenny. It was powerful. Even though I'm quite aware of the theme of self-worth and valuing myself, I had a deeper experience of how that impacts my being. The exercises reminded me of how I AM valued by my friends and clients, and the value that I give just by being, were awesome! Thank you! - Armando W., USA

Jenny's life coaching session has brought much clarity into my business. She's well equipped with suitable tools for different situations.Jenny focuses on finding out what the client wants and guided me to proclaim it. At the end of the session, I was left with a clear plan and action steps to take, which were empowered with a guided imagery that reinforced them in my subconscious mind.Jenny's professional help was an important factor in the continuous growth of my business. -Yanshao Luan, C. Ht. , Los Angeles

Jenny is simply the most passionate person about personal growth and getting your life to where you want it to be. Sit down, hold on and get ready for RESULTS.- Steve D. LA Combatives Group, CA

Thank you so much. I think everyone should have a session with you. - Sandy N. Los Angeles, CA

Wow, you're good. I've never tapped on this before (after years of therapy).... thank you so much. I've been trying to understand this for so long. - Valerie, USA

Workshop was excellent, very focused and inspiring- Samuel G. San Gabriel Valley , CA

Jenny was really helpful in identifying what my issue was in terms of my love life. I have been struggling to identify my limiting beliefs/issues with my relationships but have not been able to do so before the call with her. Once the issue was identified, she also helped me determine what the best approach to change my situation was. - Tracy C. Los Angeles, CA

Life coaching with a LOA approach - Very productive use of one hour! Jenny was very friendly, easy to talk to; explained the process, expectations and methods thoroughly; actively listened, acknowledged and guided me as needed; and most importantly asked a lot of questions to facilitate bringing to light a lot of answers. I believe we all know and have the answers to our own questions deep inside, but sometimes it takes the right kind of prompting for ourselves to realize what those answers are and Jenny provided just that. She reinforced some LOA methods and introduced me to a new one that I hadn't heard of before (scripting). I found it extremely effective as it was a method that utilized some of my innate tendencies so the process came very naturally to me and I was able to connect immediately to a deeper level. That one piece of new knowledge alone was priceless and I know it is something I can use in the future for many other situations. I can't wait to see it work for me! - Gigi F., Arcadia CA

My life coaching session was very insightful. I realize listening to my self talk how much I needed to create more support in my life. I have,since the call, done so. I am creating a calmer home life. I also implemented the 'place mats' technique to help me with my daily lists. I really appreciated your patience while I sorted out my thoughts.... - Dawn R. USA
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We must set ourselves up with a solid inner foundation so that it supports and propels us forward through life, especially in times of challenge. And when we can masterfully and intentionally approach our outer reality (aka life) while having the inner tools to keep us afloat, we can really thrive. Anything becomes possible. We become unstoppable. And that's what I can do for you. I can help you be unstoppable in your life.

Solid Inner Foundation + Solid Outer Foundation ( consistent actions aligned with your goal) = Success

I work with practical coaching tools, distinctions, and goal setting to help you achieve the life you want, while working in harmony with the universal laws to help you magnetize what you desire and envision.


MY MISSION is to help people to express their unique voice and vision, step into their full power and potential to create a life that is fulfilling, exciting and meaningful to them. I am committed to helping you realize your full potential and move you towards every success you desire so you can be fully and truly you, in business, in love, in all of life.

MY CLIENTS are people who desire to have a better experience of themselves and of life. They are typically entrepreneurs, leaders, and people who have wanted to achieve a certain result in the past but had trouble doing so on their own and now need help getting unstuck, getting off the fence with their goals, developing confidence, boosting performance, releasing fear and clearing limiting patterns so that they can move forward into an inspiring future as a new and different person creating new and different results.

MY SESSIONS will leave you empowered, confident, happy, inspired, peaceful, motivated, and moving closer towards your goals.

I WORK WITH practical coaching tools, distinctions, and goal setting to help you achieve the life you want, while working in harmony with the universal laws to help you magnetize what you desire and envision.

*Sessions are typically 1 hour +/-
*I offer 6 and 12 week coaching packages and custom packages
*I'm available for one-on-one coaching and group coaching via phone
*I'm also available for group coaching in person if local

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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Quantum Success Coach
  • Landmark graduate: The Forum, The Advanced Course, Introduction Leaders Program
  • Coach Training Alliance
  • Quantum Success Coaching Academy

Fee description

Fees: from $125 USD

*Per session $125
*6 sessions $725
*12 sessions $ 1,445
*Recommended at least 4 sessions
*Inquire about group rates
*Payment options available


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