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Jenny Rush

Lebanon, Missouri, United States
Coaching for Life, Love and Health, Master Retreat Coach, and Transformational Workshop Facilitator

About me

My professional approach reflects both my training and the many lessons I have learned (and continue to learn) during my personal journey. In my early career I worked as an interior designer and landscape designer. My work reflects the passion I have to make the world a better place through creating beautiful and functional spaces. Similarly, my work as a coach offers me the opportunity to guide my clients to easily create lives that reflect their values, passions and goals; lives they are comfortable living in. Think of me as a guide to help shed light and clarity to difficult situations or a spiritual advisor who listens with my heart as well as my mind.

I specifically chose Transpersonal psychology because it joins spirituality, human experience and modern day psychology coaching methods. I am excited to help my clients easily and naturally reframe their personal stories for a more positive experience of life. When my perception shifted I developed confidence and found my voice. I discovered direction, the confidence to follow through and the courage to overcome the fear of failure. My passion is ignited when I see my clients experience this kind of smooth, deep and lasting transformation. I compassionately guide clients to look at the core of their issues and I partner with them for easy meaningful positive change. I love it when people clarify their values and naturally recognize their strengths. My clients feel wonderfully supported by an abundance of resources, whether coping with everyday challenges or serious adversity.


I have a beautiful office space we can work in together. It is very relaxing and comfortable. I offer hot tea as well as fuzzy blankets. :-)
I am happy to work with you on Skype, V-See or over the phone, email and texting.
Short courses or group coaching
I offer e-courses on empowerment, well-being, mindfulness and many more.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Master Certified Retreat Coach
  • Bachelor's in Pscyhology
  • Master's in Transpersonal Psychology in Progress
  • Transpersonal Approaches to Creative Expression
  • Equine Gestalt Coaching
  • Ongoing Retreat Coach Training

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $300 USD

I work with you individually to offer a payment plan that is comfortable for you.


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