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Jim Bob

Depression-Happiness experience 
Madrid, Spain
If life gets you down, just become a warrior of spirit
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About me

Throughout my teenage years and into my early twenties, I suffered from severe anxiety and depression. It went on for so long that I perceived it as "normal". One of the major problems that caused this was the way in which I perceived the world.

About 5-10% of my mental energy was directed at observing the outside world. I had extreme listening difficulties, for example, I would have no idea about a half hour long TV program I had just watched. I had no opinion about a football game I had just seen. Very little went in. Because of this I was thought of as stupid and simple, and this only increased my anxiety and despair.

Well, at an especially difficult time in my life, I reached rock bottom and experienced feelings of suicide. Something kicked in in that space of absolute darkness, and I can only describe it as experiencing "God", "It", "The Divine" whatever you wish to name it. Since that moment and up until this very day, I have trudged and dug in, and climbed and fought and struggled my way a "better feeling place". The furthest I can get from that suicidal feeling.

Over the years I have developed some practical techniques and some very strong ideas about how to get from a "terrible feeling place" to a "good feeling place". I now live a life that fills me with "a good feeling", and I'd like to share this information with anyone who needs the help.

One of the biggest factors that contributes to anxiety and depression in my opinion is having a mind that is "all over the place"or "scatterbrained" (Neurosis). Another good description would be "The lights are on but nobody is home".

When I was younger, as I have stated earlier, roughly 5-10% of my mental energy was focused on "the moment" (reality, what's going on right now etc). The other 90% was totally internal. Unrelated thoughts, violent images (violence directed towards me mostly), anxious thoughts involving social situations, obsessive thoughts about my weakness etc. This is a very dark world to live in. From the outside, the person may seem to just be little unresponsive and shy (as was my case). But inside they might be experiencing a turbulent, fearful world.

Meditation is a great example of solving this problem. Meditation basically increases the 5-10% living in the moment to nearly 100% living in the moment. If done for long enough, the obsessive, anxious thoughts slowly float away and a sense of calm and peacefulness is experienced. Your mind is basically chilling out, taking a break. "Freeing the mind" now makes sense.

The way I meditate is by keeping it real simple. Just focus on your surroundings. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds all around you, or focus on your breathe, or "feel" the sensations of your body. Don't make things too complicated by trying to sit in the Lotus position, or researching complicated techniques etc. You can never think your way to peacefulness. Just give your mind a break. Relax. Listen to the birds. You will feel rejuvenated afterwards.

Coaching with me

Personal well being, relief from anxiety and depression, enthusiasm for life, a feeling of aliveness, peace in your soul


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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor\'s degree in Mechanical Engineering
I am an English teacher currently living in Spain. I have a lot of world experience. I grew up in South Africa, lived in Ireland through my teenage years, traveled Australia for two years and am now teaching English in Spain.

Fee description

Fees: from $45 USD to $50 USD

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After that I charge $45 for an hour long session. We can talk about monthly packages if you are interested


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