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Joe Jekel

M.S. Sport & Performance Psychology 
Carmel, Indiana, United States

A lifelong seeker of knowledge, epistemology & life experiences, a pragmatic cognitive mentor.

About me

Who I am!

"It is an evolution, NOT a transformation -We do not change from bad to good, we evolve by leaving the parts that hindered us behind through our own choices, and our own recognition. We learn both by doing, and through the constant discovery of additional knowledge, that we have the power! We vibe into who we want to be - we do not change who we are, we become who we choose”! - (MadzookJoe, 2012).

What qualifies me to help you on your journey, or with your needs?

"The person claiming to have your answers is either delusional, or manipulative - MADZOOK is here to help you find your questions, to discover knowledge, and to assist you with making the choices that are right for YOU!"

I am a Seeker, a Healer, part Warrior, part Sage. I am both a Student, and a Teacher. I am a Fighter that values peace and self – discipline. I am an Intellect that understands, that it is what I do not know which makes me grow and learn. I am a good spirit, a Warrior of light, a vessel of energy. I am incomplete and evolving through self - acceptance and self -actualization.

I am MadzookJoe

I have experienced horrible pain and immeasurable pleasure. I have wielded deep darkness and I have discovered the absolution of powerful light. I have experienced sexual repression, guilt and shame. I have also discovered the joys and freedoms offered through sexual openness.
I have trained hard and yet still tasted defeat. I have known the sweet savor of victory. I have hurt others, and I have been hurt. I have failed, and I have known varying measurements of success.
I have argued, negotiated, and agreed with many Worldly and Astral perceptions. I believe in the physical and the meta - physical. I have searched for, and found the greatest depths within individuals. I have known how shallow humanity can be.
I am a circle made of linear contrasts. I accept no label prescribed by another but have been labeled many things. I am born of storied experiences. I trust in the stability of balance while I seek the power of passion and spontaneity, the waves of an adventurous life.
I live life to the fullest and I go fast or slow according to the barometer of the present moment. I endeavor both, to enlighten and to discover. I am another soul on a journey. I am always just going to be ME! Together we can discover and build the YOU, constructing who and what you want to be too!

Joe Jekel:

Joe Jekel holds a holistic approach to his lifestyle and perspectives, drawing schema from many theories of psychology, Eastern and Western philosophy, biology, quantum physics, physics, physiology, neurology, and kinesiology. Joe finds powerful contributions toward his spirituality contexts within the teachings of Buddhism, Taoism, Druidry, Wiccan, Animism, Confucianism, Humanism, Gnosticism, Mayan, American Indian, Greek Mythology, Celtic Polytheism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity constructs. Joe is a practitioner of multiple martial arts and fighting styles. Joe is avidly involved in physical fitness components of living a meaningful life.

Joe considers himself a warrior, philosopher/sage, jester, visionary, and a seeker/nomad as defined in the MADZOOK eight characters. Joe believes that individual responsibility and personal accountability are important keys in fulfilling one’s personal life long journey. Joe is a husband, a father, a son, a student and a mentor. Joe has a strong belief in energy manifestations, and freedom of personal choice in all matters of sexuality expressions or determinations.

Joe postulates that a primary etiology construct for human development and performance enhancement derives from self - discovery and personal acceptance. Joe believes life is a journey of perpetual discovery and education summed of experiential life and academic knowledge attainments. Joe is very candid and does not work with any clients that are not very candid with him. It is Joe’s philosophy, that performance enhancement and all development constructs of the self, do not manifest wholly, when candor or communication of honest perspectives and contexts are absent. Joe takes a position that self - confidence, self -efficacy, and an appreciation of beauty, skill, and personal choice (yours and others) is vital to become accepting of your own ability and capabilities, without cynical judgments or envy and pride as disruptions of the process.


EdD – Performance Improvement Leadership (current student)
M.S. Sport Psychology – Graduated with distinction (3.93 GPA)
B.A. Psychology – Graduated Cum Laude (3.58 GPA)
A.C.E. – CPT (Personal Fitness Trainer)
Certified Boxing Instructor
Certified Holistic Life Coach
Certified Qi Gong Instructor
TEFL (ESL Teachers License)
(AASP) Association of Applied Sports Psychology Member
Krav Maga Practitioner
Aspiring Yoga practitioner
World Traveler

Ask Joe anything more that you would like to know during a free 30-minute compatibility session! MADZOOK is also now taking clients for one on one, hourly discussions! Everybody needs someone to talk with sometime! Conversations are confidentiality protected and the subject matter is your choice! Joe will offer his academic and life experiential input for you to consider, while helping you to find the questions or answers that you are seeking to discover. Maybe you just need another set of eyes, ears, and perspective on a personal issue that you cannot share with others, Joe can confidentially discuss it with you!

I look forward to meeting you!


Coaching with me


The goal is to help clients achieve optimal performance and increase personal development.

We enhance clients' cognitive capacity and somatic functionality.

We create a stronger neuro-somatic connectivity understanding, for optimal personal potential recognition.

We help YOU build and reinforce:





We show you how to increase your own mindfulness capacity

You will learn the power of resilience

You will learn how to become a critical thinker beyond the depths of surface discussion and applications. Discovering various types of thinking, various types of learning, and powerful behavioral constructs of multiple masters in their field (psychology, education, spirituality, fitness, and holistic living)

You will learn the questions to ask, your personal questions, that will lead you to the answers that you seek or the results that you create!

You will be exposed to the constructs of epistemology, ontology, discovering how to think and how to feel like you want to feel and think, how you want to BE, in order to thrive and live the life that you desire.

You will discover more (a proximity to greatness), become better (daily and continually), advance your capacity for thinking, feeling, and doing!

We help you to define and provide a specificity of skill acquisitions and developments, for the factors that you decide, are an obstacle or a hindrance of your perceptions and contexts at the current time or disposition.

We help you discover what you want out of life, and how to achieve it. Then we hold you accountable, and monitor the progression every step of the way. We show you things that you might not know, or we help you ignite and employ things that you already know! We walk with you to a point of maximum personal development! A place where you are better than you started, and a place where you know you are capable of doing more than just surviving or tolerating fate - you build power, you control your destiny, and you reap the rewards of it all!

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“Everyone deserves and requires a non – judgmental place where they may share and discuss their own thoughts, frustrations, joys, confessions, and confidential questions or opinions". At MADZOOK we listen to you first, then we offer you our candid and objective discussions without judging you, or “telling” you, how to “fix” anything. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!

“Greatness has always been found in the outlier, never within the normative set”
(Madzook Joe, 2015).

Confidence to excel, to be intelligent, to be strong, to be beautiful, to be better each day, or to achieve your highest potentials is more than OK. These phenomena are the etiology constructs for optimal performance and powerful human development accelerators! The collective functionality of humanity is only raised higher by increasing the capacity of the individual humans within the collective. You have the unique power to be the individual that you desire to become. In fact, it is mandatory that you participate in your own development, skill acquisition, and performance improvement, or mastery, as only you can fully complete you! There is no one in this world more capable, or better equipped to become the unique being that you will become.

We listen to YOU. Then we discuss applicable varying concepts, constructs, action steps, and highlight some specific potential discovery reality with you. Together we will evaluate or identify what your own goals of improvement and perceived limitations are. Discovering together the areas of personal growth concern, perceived or actual blockages that you face, various specific issues that you may encounter, or any area(s) of emptiness that have been obstructing your personal evolution or your feelings of fullness. We start by locating where specific applications of additional knowledge may unlock the greatest potentials and skills that are just waiting to be found within you! You will learn the power of reflective thinking, critical thought analysis, the importance of communication, and methods of skill development and mastery of all three important humanistic domains of functional importance – Cognitive (thinking, and analyzing), Affective (emotional stability, and feelings), Physical (the mastery of the human vessel, how the systems work and function together).

We provide motivational guidance, emotional safety, individual clarity, accountability, exposure to epistemology, and self – awareness cognitive mapping. You will begin to feel more empowered, and educated in areas of unknown realms for discovery. You will reinforce your existing knowledge and enhance your skill sets, and you will become better at thriving each day. You are no longer going to be struggling to find your purpose, or feel like you are lost or confused. Together we will openly explore ideas or potential avenues, that are perhaps unknown to you prior to the supportive, and educational relationship that we establish together. A relationship born of life experiences and formal education of ourselves, and some of the greatest minds known to humanity. You will begin by exploring the minds, histories, or actions, that include Eastern philosophy, and Western Science Masters of their fields or practices, comparing and contrasting them to your personal choices, and the environments in which you dwell.

You are going to discover the value of finding your own proximity to greatness! We, as humans, are all seekers of more knowledge, valuable skills, and our individual purpose. MADZOOK shares with you, what they have discovered along their continuous journey. Assisting you with constructing and optimizing your own performance enhancement and individual human development. We will not judge you, patronize you, or instruct you on what your own choices should be. Choices arise from a discovery of your individual desires, needs, values, and perceptions of reality. Personal choices are always up to you to make! We will coach you. We will listen to you. We will provide meritorious information for you, and we will never tell you how to become YOU or what our version of you should be! – MADZOOK

“I want to be a witness, a witness of you becoming great by your own standards and measures, not by mine or some others mandates. I do not want to tell you how to become great by buying my programing, my trinket, or my elixir! I want to discuss with you the potential pathways, and elements of greatness and perhaps demonstrate or discover with you how you may achieve and maximize optimization for your own individual personal enhancement(s) or personal development. I simply want you to become the YOU that you desire, not by trying to become or copy someone else, but by defining who and what you are, individually. – MadzookJoe

“Those seeking to thrive spend their energy on developing strength, they focus on the challenges of the best opportunity, they build ships. They spend their days looking for way to achieve success. Those seeking to survive focus on the weakness, they spend their energy on looking for potential problems to solve, they make sure the lifeboats aboard the ships do not have any holes in them, they count the life jackets, they spend their days trying to prevent failures – the choice is yours to make, focus on finding success, or focus on avoiding failure” – MadzookJoe
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One-on-one hourly discussions via Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, or in person when geographically available, or by phone call, dependent on our current geographical location proximity.
Competent - Confidential - Cognitive - Clarity - Conversation

Our Trademarked and personally written MADZOOK Method program is focused on a total personal development, and performance enhancement progression. The program is five-months in duration, and clients are expected to complete the whole five-months of the program for optimal success.




Cognitive and Affective Enhancement Materials

Tools for Self-Discovery

Tools for Self-Development

Personal Question and Answer Documentation

Unlimited Monthly E-Mail Response to Your Written Questions

Personal one-on-one contact time (online, or in office, or meeting space and dependent on where in the World I am in relationship to where you are at the current time) - Two (2), one - hour discussion sessions per week, each month. This equals a total of eight (8), one-hour discussion sessions each month, that are included with the five-month package.

One-hour open conversations are available without a package purchase for $60.00/hour by scheduled appointment. The subject matter of the discussion is up to you. We provide confidentiality and our perspective, assistance, or a lead to a knowledgeable path for you to consider during the conversation. We listen to you, then we attempt to assist you with whatever the issue is that caused you to seek the conversation.
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Same as Private Coaching - This is the only method available for long distance clients, or when I am traveling abroad in other parts of the World (unless you are located in that part of the World at that time of course).

Short courses or group coaching

Not available at this time (in development).

Ongoing training

Hourly discussions are available for clients on a recurrent basis as needed or desired.
Provided at the rate of $60.00/hour or $85.00/ 1.5 hours (All funds are paid in USA Dollars)

Conducted Via: Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, or Phone call (dependent on where in the World I am located at the time, in relationship to where in the World that you are located at the time.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • M.S. Sport & Performance Psychology
  • Certified Qi Gong Instructor
  • Certified Boxing Instructor
  • A.C.E. - CPT Fitness Personal Trainer With American Council on Exercise
  • B.A. Psychology
  • Certified Holistic Life Coach
  • Visualization Methodology
  • Motivation and Commmunication
  • Positive psychology

Time, academic pursuits, and life experiences have shaped me, healed me, broken me, empowered me and most of all allowed me to discover myself and the extrinsic world that we all inhabit!

I hold a formal education including certifications:

Qi Gong instructor
Boxing instructor
Krav Maga instructor
ESL teacher
Holistic Life Coaching
A.C.E. Personal training
I hold a B.A. In Psychology and an M.S. in Sport & Performance Psychology

Life experiences include training and mentoring collegiate athletes, pro athletes, high -school athletes

Nationally published models

Business leaders

Fitness and bodybuilding competitors


Persons with debilitating personal concerns physically, mentally, and spiritually

I have accomplished both, made million(s) of dollars and lost everything (twice! - 9/11 and '08 housing crisis collapse)

I have worked as a professional bodyguard, held a systems and development position, owned a demolition company, and owned a health and wellness training facility- both large and small locations.

I explore and believe in Western science and Eastern philosophy

I have studied multiple religions in depth and I have personally determined a combination of those constructs that I apply to my schematic design and personal ideology.

I am candid and very real (sometimes too real for some)

I am a father, a husband, and have I lived all over the USA and in multiple countries - I am extremely well-traveled and extremely versed in TRUE multiculturalism.

I have known many people and have done many things both good and bad throughout my lifetime thus far, but most of all I have always tried to learn and to grow from every experience! Living an optimized life is about evolution in continuum which is powered by growth but exceeds the limits of growing. Evolving means making the changes necessary, growing relies on the foundation you already built. Sometimes one must redo the foundations when new discovery shows them a stronger method or an improved opportunity. Evolution supersedes growth, but POSITIVE growth is required to evolve. MADZOOK shows you how to learn better in order to be better - what you choose to learn, or choose to apply, is fabricating your individual evolution born of your desired growth.

“Most modern coaching solutions teach their clients or followers about self – worth and highlight money as the primary measure of success. MADZOOK emphasizes self –discovery, self -efficacy, and self – identity. The tools for personal development at the depths required for success, and individual measure are not a one – sized fits all solution. Those coaches that offer blanketed claims of a monetary substance fallacy, warranting that they somehow know how to make everyone wealthy, are more concerned with their own well - being, wealth, and travel opportunity, than they are yours. You are a means to their fame and fortune. Making it seem as if wealth is the path to happiness alone, and that acquiring it is as easy as buying the book - these are just modern-day snake oil sales people. People that only find solace in financial measures and material constructs. They are not coaches – they are parasites that devalue the actual coaching profession to the degree, that anyway they can find to sell you a program is all they want to do”. MADZOOK is about performance, knowledge, skill acquisition & reinforcement, and personal development, YOURS! We will not patronize you! We want you to be better than you were when we met each other!

“I am but one more soul on an individual journey through a collective of time, space, energy, physical, meta-physical, or spiritual in nature and experience. A journey including all encounters that shape my perspectives and form my contexts. I am just going to be me, and enjoy the ride – life is living with intentions and by making personal choices that allow me to become better each day. I live the same philosophy that I share with others” - (Madzook Joe, 2016)
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Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD to $395 USD

Hourly Cognitive Discovery Discussions - $60: Speak about whatever you might need assistance with, for specificity of the limited issue or blockage that you want to overcome or discover.

Five Month MADZOOK METHOD Optimal Performance & Development Pathway - $395/month X (5 months)

Discounted to $1,495 for a one time initial payment

Initial 30 minute compatibility consultation is no charge.

(All funds are paid in USA Dollar)


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