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Jordan Greenich

Real Estate Marketing Consultant 
Mendon, New York, United States
I help realtors grow their business online

FEES from $100 USD to $600 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Hi there! I'm a real estate business, marketing, and mindset coach!

I'd love to help you grow your real estate business!


Tired of this??

➡️ Spinning your wheels over how to make it "online."
➡️ Working 24/7 and losing sleep.
➡️ Posting to social media just to hear… is that crickets? ? Lol.
➡️ Months with $0 income...
➡️ Feeling like you'll never hit your goals, and wondering if you'll have to settle for less.

You got into real estate for time and financial freedom...

...but quickly realized there is no break from the grind, and the path to the top is not as clearly defined as you once thought.

The solution? A roadmap.

Hi ? That’s what we do.

Unlike most companies out there in this space, we don’t sell “leads.”

We provide solutions ? the form of consulting that targets the exact areas of your business that need help.

We help you:

✅ Build a business plan and map out your exact road to success (whatever that looks like to YOU.)
✅ Figure out how to not only navigate your digital marketing, but MASTER it.
✅ Dial in and automate your processes, so you aren't constantly working & burning yourself out.
✅ Finally gain traction, start scaling, and blow past your goals...

By the way, I believe in high quality service at an accessible price point. As someone who has personally spent a not-so-small fortune on private coaching myself, I know the value in having someone in your corner as an entrepreneur.

It changed my life, kept me in business, and allowed me to see success. And I believe that everyone deserves to experience the growth that working with a consultant can provide.

I want to collapse time for you in your journey, so you can get to where you're going faster, with less stress, and with a clear vision and path ahead of you.

Because who doesn't get excited about short cuts??

Wondering what the “philosophy” behind Philosophy Marketing is?

Being in real estate is one of the most fulfilling paths, and you know why you wanted in:

? Freedom to create your own schedule
? The ability to scale your income higher than you dreamed possible

And that’s exactly what smart real estate agents are doing. They know they have to invest in themselves in order to live that life… earning more and working less.

No, it’s not a pipe dream.

But the days of cold calling, finding enough leads in your network, and living off of referrals are over. In order to tap into that financial freedom and time freedom you crave, you need a bigger, better plan than most real estate agents on the block.

Do you have one? ?

If the answer is no, book a call. Our first meeting is on me, and it’s probably going to change your life.

Let's chat. ☕

Coaching with me


After working with me, you will feel empowered to take your business to the next level. You'll have a brand and know how to generate leads for your business online.



Meet with me online for 1 on 1 consulting to help you grow your real estate business! We will leverage digital marketing to bring in new clients as well as level up your mindset for success!

My clients typically meet with me for 1 hour every week, but we can find a schedule that works for you. I'm flexible!

Short courses or group coaching

Want to join a community of growth oriented real estate agents to learn marketing and business building skills in an online group setting?

Ask me about our agent membership! You will get access to a mentor with 20+ years of experience in the real estate industry and entrepreneurship as well as a real estate marketing expert for a small monthly membership fee.

Experience, Certifications and Training


I am an entrepreneur, and I love growing businesses. I have worked with many startup companies as well as started my own, and I understand both the marketing and business side of real estate in addition to the stress of business and the toll it takes.

I've worked as a copywriter and marketer for multiple real estate investment companies and various startups before starting my own marketing agency for real estate professionals. 

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $600 USD


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