lifecoach $75 USD Josie Falcon Josie Falcon I am a student of life who has lived though divorce with kids, here to help guide others the ruins.
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Josie Falcon

Divorce Coach  
ORLANDO, Florida, United States
I am a student of life who has lived though divorce with kids, here to help guide others the ruins.

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About me

I know I sure did while going though the darkest time in my life, yes I am speaking of my separation and divorce. I was grateful to have some wonderful friends and family that would listen to me go on and on. people that would let me cry all over them. They never got tired of me, or if they did they never showed it. I was blessed to have them and that is partly why I am writing this blog, because I want to be there for you. I want you to know that you are not alone, that your feelings are "normal", and yes even that there is hope!
I plan to do all this by opening up my most private journal and sharing with you my journey though the ending of my marriage. It won't all be pretty, some of it will even be down right embarrassing. But it will ALL be what really happened during those long months of loss and change. I have been able to share my "divorce lessons" with others in my circle who sadly also became a statistic. But I have decided it was time to extend myself to help and share and coach a broader audience.   more...

Coaching with me

I am tackling this "Coaching Club" with now about 10 years of perspective. But I am still keenly aware that the road is not easy to travel. Though the physical pain is long gone, the memories still have amazing power. And my goal is t help you get through the hardest part with a little suffering as possible. To build you up and make sure you know your value. I look forward to having you "walk" the "ruins" with me and hopefully, laugh, cry and feel the comfort and support of a friend.
I like to be hands on coach; I make myself available during business hours for my clients to reach out to me with question or concerns. I offer multiple ways to interact so that people from every walk of life and schedule have the opportunity to connect with me when needed.


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I will be offering more ONE on ONE coaching when needed, on a sliding scale fee.
Short courses or group coaching
Currently opening a Divorce Coaching Club, which is planned as a longer term group session. It will include interactive webinars​ (discussing topics ranging from separation, co-parenting, personal finance for the single mother, and more).
Access to my secret "Women Only" Facebook group (Where I will be going "LIVE" often, and where I will feature weekly reads of my journal entries and break them down into more details).
Full access to me via E-mail ( Where your personal questions can be addressed privately).

Fee description

Fees: from $5 USD to $75 USD

To get most of what my Divorce Coaching service has to offer, you can spend less a month that you would on a latte. Currently I am offering memberships at a low $5.00 a month. I will be offering more ONE on ONE coaching when needed, on a sliding scale fee.


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