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Joy Lima

Biodynamic Coach  
Amsterdam, Provincie Noord-Holland, Netherlands
I like to invite you to a journey of reflection and achievement.
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About me

My name is Joy Lima and I'm your Biodynamic coach.

I like to invite you to a journey of reflection. Acknowledging what might be interfering in your evolution and personal development; habits, believes, barriers, pre-conceived ideas, pre-conditioning, genetic heritage, back to your mothers womb. We are going to approach interesting topics here, which are going to make you reflect and broaden your vision. I like to challenge you to think outside of the box and find the answers you've being looking for. What makes me different from the most life coaches. Besides my large experience in coaching people I have a profound appreciation of the oneness of a person's body/mind/spirit, and integrate methods, addressing body and mind as one. In our online sessions we will make use of body related techniques.


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As Biodynamic coach I'm here to help you reaching your goal or making a change in your life. Getting from where you are now, to where you want to go. Improve your personal and/or professional life by offering support and encouragement while suggesting different ways to achieve your goals. If you think that you don't really know what you want in your life. I guide you to get in touch with your inner-self and discover your real identity and desires. I can also help you with : Get crystal clear of what you really want in your life; Uncover what is holding you back from achieving your goals; Reassess your life goals and develop an action plan. OR maybe : You feel lack of balance between work and life; Have difficulty dealing with stressful situations; Difficulty making life decisions; Need help on how to prioritize projects and timelines; How to improve your relationships; You have an urgent situations involving high risks or challenges; Want to identify core strengths and maximize your potential; Simplify life to reduce stress and increase productivity; Need help with time management; You fell you have lack of control over your life. Biodynamic Coaching is a methode that integrates body and mind allowing you to get in touch with your inner needs and reach a health and balanced life. 




I offer coaching sessions online via skype in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch

Short courses or group coaching

I give a workshop called "BioFlow " which can be attended online or in Amsterdam

Fee description

Fees: from €70 EUR to €140 EUR

Reflection -- Have you ever noticed that you are mostly busy with something and sometimes with two or three things at the same time? If you pay attention to your daily routine, you tend to do that all the time. You are mostly busy assessing information from the past or planning your future. The efficiency of coaching: how and why change the way you think?


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