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Joy Noel Parkman

Life, Marriage & Relationship Coach 
Neosho, Missouri, United States
Joy's joy, experience & success can guide you to create a life, marriage & relationships you love!
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About me

Hi and congratulations on pursuing a marriage and life you love! I am so excited to be celebrating 20 years of amazing, growth producing marriage with my best friend, David! We have raised our children to communicate well and pursue incredible, life-giving relationships! They never cease to amaze us with how well they live out what they chose to receive from our life lessons and guidance because we haven't always been this happy and healthy!

While I had always been the go-to friend for non-judgmental, objective advice, I was very resistant to anything pertaining to counseling much of my life. I felt that many people trained in this area were not successful in their own personal lives which made me doubt if they were genuine or could truly help me! On and off, through 2 divorces and being a single mom, I began to realize that I needed wisdom beyond me and my experiences. Through faith-based coaching, I was able to transform my thinking to see relationships and my worth with new eyes. Later, in blending a family and healing from past wounds, coaching once again took us to new heights in our personal lives and marriage!

It would be an honor for me to help fast-track you through your transformation with what it took me a lifetime to distill! This is the miracle of coaching, you learn from people who are successful in the area you desire success in. Let's go!

Coaching with me

Your relationship is NOT the problem! I would love to be your guide toward becoming an adored wife who creates the marriage you envisioned when you said "yes" to the ring! Simply put, most of us were never given the tools and training necessary for relationship success! After our time together, you will feel more comfortable in your own skin, make space and time for loving yourself, appreciate and even celebrate the differences in you and your mate to have a better-than-ever marriage and life! These principles and actions steps work in ALL relationships -
kiddos, co-workers, parents, friends... Because our lives are only as good as our closest relationships!
I would love to get to know YOU and how you process and operate in your world. I do A LOT of listening, give you some fun assessments and do quite of bit of question asking to kick things off. You see, this is all about you becoming your best you and having the most amazing, fulfilling relationships possible. It is NOT about becoming some cookie cutter wife! I would love to guide you into identifying and prioritizing YOUR goals and then work together on making those a reality at the pace and depth you need. I am your personal warm, genuine cheerleader who will get real with you about what needs to happen to attain your personal and relational goals while empowering you to take care of yourself and create the relationships you've always wanted! I can't wait!


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Let's begin with a FREE 30 minute call will help us get to know each other, I highly recommend at least 3 months to get amazing results. I am doing a Life Coach Hub 1/2 Price Launch Special of $200 a month or $500 for 3 months for a limited time, which includes:
- Several assessment tools for you and I to better understand who you uniquely are and how your process
- 1 hour calls 4x a month
- Weekly Take Action Sheets
- Personalized resources
- Email and text communication.
Let's do this thing!
If phone calls are not convenient or simply don't fit into your schedule, we can still accomplish your goals exclusively online, through email and text!.
Short courses or group coaching
This can be a great option for those who love the synergy of a group. Sometimes, just seeing that we are not the only ones struggling and hearing other perspectives is a great growth and transformation tool! Groups will never be more the 12 ladies at a time. If there is a demand, groups may be formed around a specific need, such as newlyweds, communication, empty nesting, etc. Life Coach Hub 1/2 Price Launch Special is $100 a month! Woohoo, jump on in!
Ongoing training
Coming Soon... How to be a Titus 2 Women - Taking your transformation to your sphere of influence to stop divorce and build strong, happy marriages in your church or community


Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor's in Elementary Education
  • Stephen's Ministry Training
  • Mentored & trained by a successful MFT
  • ACBC Biblical Counselor Training
  • Light University Life Coach Training
Currently, most of my clients are in person. However, I have been working hard towards and highly anticipating launching online coaching to reach a larger audience with practical, powerful steps to live better-than-ever lives! I am on a mission to prevent and smack down divorce and broken relationships by guiding anyone who desires to be grow, change and become her best self!

My husband and I actually stumbled on to this mission when our children's friends began to ask us for relationship advice and premarital counseling. We had both been previously divorced and believed that basically disqualified us from guiding others in this area. However, our determination to blend a healthy family and give our children a model of what a great marriage could look like obviously gained the attention of onlookers. The fruit of an awesome marriage and tight knit family attracted others to want to know how we did it. Out of grateful hearts and many requests, this has become our passion and now my life's work!

Our ultimate goal is to be able to make this OUR full-time mission! Woohoo!

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $500 USD

- Group Coaching $100 for 4 - 75 sessions = $25 a session
- Individual Coaching $200 for 4 - 60 minute sessions + email & text = $50 a session
- 3 month Individual Coaching $500


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