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Joyce Miles

Self Image and Leadership Coach 
Kingsland, Georgia, United States

I am passionate about helping women live from within as leaders and purposed filled women!

FEES from $500 USD to $5000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am a highly motivated and inspiring woman of God who believes in believing in you! I am passionate about helping women live from within to discover their greatness. I am a firm believer that when you are confident in who you are and know who you are in Christ, you are destined for a life of significance and purpose. I am a realist and believe in getting to the core of your existence and barriers to living freely and wholly. I am determined to help those ready for a transformation to begin looking at life from a perspective of purpose and action. I am a lover of all things genuine and sincere and connect with people from a place of truth. I am straight forward and expect the same of others to reach a level of limitless potential and success. I have a heart of helping women with the desire to live and lead at the level of their predestined calling!

Coaching with me


I will help my clients to achieve self confidence that comes from within and become confident leaders. I will support my clients in achieving self awareness and clarity in their purpose. Clients will experience freedom in their lives through understanding their personal calling and what they were equipped to accomplish. I will guide clients on creating and living through a healthy self image and creating relationships that are a reflection of their inner beliefs . Clients will begin to approach decisions and action from a place of authority and power creating a better quality of life. Clients will experience more peace, freedom and significance in their quest to impact the lives of others as well themselves. My clients will be renewed, refreshed, transformed and ready to walk into the life God intended for them through a purpose centered approach.


I prefer to coach utilizing a hybrid approach, at least one initial verbal conversation and then through an online format. I believe a one on one conversation with clients allows me to communicate with them and get a more focused understanding of their needs. It helps to build rapport and encourages sincerity and genuine growth. Clients can express themselves freely which sets the tone for open dialogue . Online courses are incorporated after at least one verbal communication session allowing them the freedom to engage at their own reasonable pace and motivation.


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15 minute Discovery Session
30 minutes to 1 hour one on one coaching or strategy sessions


30 minutes to 1 hour coaching or strategy sessions for initial consultation, additional verbal sessions as requested or necessary
Three month online coaching package
Six month online coaching package

Short courses or group coaching

One hour group coaching sessions available via Online or Teleconference
Group Self Image or Relationship Masterminds, Webinars, Virtual Seminars, Virtual Summits Available
1- 3 day courses available online via Zoom, Webinar

Ongoing training

3 month -6 month 12 month training courses offered online

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Master of Art Curriculum and Instruction
  • Certificate in Adult Teaching
  • Master of Public Health
  • John Maxwell Certification Program

My life has awarded me with a pretty diverse background including previously being a stay at home mom, entrepreneur, over 10 years experience in the corporate world, and honorable service in the U.S. military. I understand the demands of the workplace environment as well as every day life. My experiences have equipped me with the knowledge and resources to assist you with not only moving forward with your short term goals, but through a full transformation into a purposed filled life.

Fee description

Fees: from $500 USD to $5000 USD


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