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Julian Bolster

MCC, Life and Business Coach 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Life and Leadership Coach, author, TV personality & expert and professional motivator

About me

Julian Bolster is a Champion of Change, a professional motivator & leadership coach who engages up & coming young professionals through fun & exciting technology to take inspired action & believe anything is possible, resulting in liberating & powerful personal change.

Coaching with me

My motto is "anything is possible". I believe these words because I have created incredible breakthroughs in my own life, business and personal, changing the landscape for myself drastically from what I thought was possible.

The key is to remembering that we are capable of achieving any result. All that separates us from the goals that we want is our approach, behaviours and beliefs.

I guide each client to quickly resolve to a list of goals for the upcoming month, and a plan to get there. With the right clarity, insight, guidance and technology, anyone can master themselves and achieve their goals.
Fundamentally, I believe that every client has all of the resources they need to succeed. The possess the ability, but have disconnected with the power, creativity and drive to create the solutions and access the resources around them to succeed.

I like to coach by guiding clients, through fun and exciting technology and inspired action to start achieving the results they were always capable of. The results are always the same: not only do clients achieve the goals they aim for, but they also learn how to keep themselves out of the patterns that will lead us away from feeling and being powerful and successful.


While all coaching is private, often people prefer to be coached in person vs over the phone or video. For those who prefer a more personal setting, I meet with clients daily to help them gain clarity and create success towards their personal goals.
Nothing beats the convenience of online video or phone coaching, which can be completed from anywhere in the world. I offer a free online connection service, with video or just audio, as well a toll free 800 number for voice calls. Coaching over the phone or via video is powerfully efficient.
Short courses or group coaching
Group coaching is a great tool for helping your team create synergy and improve their results.

We offer to amazing workshops, for both organizations, and individuals, as well as for youth:

Unlock Your Future: a powerful 1 day workshop that will show you how to reprogram your mind to achieve any result, gaining powerful self-confidence and clarity, master your energy, time and life. You will not only come out of this event inspired, but ready to take on the world, and knowing just how to succeed.

Claim Your Future: an INCREDIBLE 2 day event for teens, who learn the power within themselves to achieve any goal. Participants learn how to: have amazing self-confidence and self-esteem, master time management, gain clarity around their future and goals, make amazing friendships that will last a lifetime
Ongoing training
The best masters in the world are the ones who are consistently committed to being the best. Even those athletes at the top of their game seek ongoing coaching to find that new edge that can help them maintain or surpass the current success.

Ongoing training is a way in which we can ensure even more success. We can design a curriculum of training that will help you achieve your goals, or we can assist you by delivering your own internal training regime, offering the accountability and coaching to see you, or your team, to success.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MCC
  • ACC
  • CPCC
Since my life-changing accident at eighteen, I have passionately pursued answers to the questions we all ask: Are my dreams possible? How can I achieve them?

In my twenties, I grew a small business services company to a national level, becoming the largest of its kind in Canada. Over the past 20 years, I have developed proven techniques for achieving business success through powerful vision and leadership. With unique insight and charisma, I show people everyday that with the right tools, they can succeed in any goal—business or personal. Even better, they can achieve their dream life, no matter their circumstances.

I am the principal coach and founder of Bolster Life Group, head-quartered in Toronto, and I have worked with thousands of people across North America over the past decade. I am the co‐author of a new book with Dr. Deepak Chopra “Roadmap to Success” being released this fall. I’ve been featured on BBC World News as an expert coach, and have appeared on TV as a coach, alongside Gail Vaz-Oxlade on Money Moron™, where I’ve coached couples on communication and money management.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $250 USD

At Bolster Coaching, we don't charge "by the hour", because coaching doesn't happen by the hour. Instead, we charge a fixed rate per month and meet weekly or bi-weekly - depending on what works best for you and your schedule. If a session takes more than 1 hour, then you are not penalized. We place a premium on you getting the results you need from each session, and if that means we go over in time - then that's ok!


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