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Justyna Ruszczak

AOS in Holistic Healthcare 
Las Vegas, United States
Helping people reach their full potential and goals in life.

About me

Justyna has been following her path in Holistic Healing, Justyna offers Life and Wellness Coaching. As a coach Justyna is here to help you find your way in life, purpose in life and help you reach your life goals. Justyns loves combining nutrition and life coaching to make the experience especially unique for you and your life circumstances. Justyna is also a certified Yoga teacher and Reiki Master, combining both healing styles, Justyna can help you heal and help you get a fulfilling life and happiness. Justyna loves doing yoga and meditation as part of her spiritual path, and runs little jewelry store. She makes crystal and stone jewelry with healing properties to help others.   

Coaching with me

Life coaching is very practical and success is measured by results. As your coach I will help you set goals and actions towards those goals. And I will support and encourage you to go after them in a structured and realistic way.
How does this typically go?
The fundamentals of strategy, whether for career or for life, are simple. There exists:

1) An understanding of where you are now (point 'A')
2) A clear vision of where you want to end up (point 'B')
3) An assessment of what stands between those two points
4) A decision about how to approach the challenge
5) A specific course of action to undertake

I thrive on deciphering that space between point A and B, and while there is no one way to approach coaching (I always customize this to you), I've found that things often loosely follow that framework.

Don't know your 'Point B'? That's okay (I've been there, too). I have many tried and true exercises that will help you discover and define what's ahead. Through exploring your personal values and visualizing a future that seems too fabulous to ever come true, you'll very soon begin to see where you're headed.


I do coaching one on one in person, I meet my clients where ever they are comfortable, at their house or in a public place.
I do also coaching through email, skype and on the phone, if that works, especially if my clients live in different states and over seas.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Associates Degree in Holistic Heathcare

Fee description

Fees: from $30 USD to $50 USD

One on one sessions are $30.00 per session, my session run between 40 to 50 minutes, one the phone, skype or email my sessions are $50.00 each and those run about 40 to 60 minutes.


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