lifecoach $100 USD Kandi Carter Kandi Carter Helping others to Thrive and not just survive is what my coaching is all about.
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Kandi Carter

Chino, California, United States
Helping others to Thrive and not just survive is what my coaching is all about.

About me

I have been helping others for the last 4 years. I have helped people come through the death of loved ones through natural causes as well as suicide. I myself, am a survivor of someone close to me that died by suicide. I am solution focused and therefore like to process what has happened and come up with solutions to move on to be able t o lead a happy and productive life. I came from a family that did not value education but ended up pursuing a Master's Degree. It is possible to dig yourself out of any rut, be it health, fitness, relationship issues, feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, lack of confidence or self esteem. Recovery is possible if you are willing to work with me. I want to see you thrive and not just survive!

Coaching with me

* Higher Self esteem
* Better communication
* Empower change
* Feel peace and contentment
* Reduce stress
* Provide skills to lead to a happier and more fulfilling life
I like to coach people who are ready to make a change. I am solution focused. I like to help you set goals and achieve them. I like to take time to build a relationship with my client so they feel comfortable sharing their innermost struggles, hopes, and dreams. I work hard to create learning opportunities, stretch goals, and point out your areas of strength. We will also look at areas that need further development, challenge old beliefs, and overcome obstacles together. It is your work to meet the goals that you set for yourself, and it is my work to help you stay accountable to those goals. In addition to weekly coaching sessions, I am also available by email. If I think of something relevant, I will share it with you by email.


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Coaching by telephone or Skype
Coaching is done through email

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified in Cognitive Therapy Recovery Oriented
  • MA in Community Counseling
I received by Master's in Counseling in 2011. I have worked in a mental health setting helping people cope with depression, stress, anxiety, mental illness, setting goals, balancing work and personal time, and helping people find their way after the loss of a loved one and learning to communicate in a way that strengthens a relationship. I myself have struggled with depression and found that talking to someone who held me accountable for the changes I wanted to make in my life was key to getting my life back.

Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD to $100 USD

Sixty dollars per half hour and 100 per hour.


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