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Kara Regas

People pleasing expert 
Praha, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic
I help folks struggling with people pleasing set boundaries and build confidence.

About me

I help people pleasers learn how to confidently set boundaries. My journey as a people pleaser began in childhood, and by my late 20s, I found myself feeling exhausted and resentful in nearly all my relationships. I was burned out and unable to acknowledge my needs or say no. I now know how to address the root causes of people pleasing by looking at both our body and mind so that we can feel safe to express our needs. I am called to offer what I needed at the beginning of my journey: a clear, step-by-step path out of people pleasing and direct support to set boundaries.

Coaching with me


My clients experience:

-        Improved communication skills (hello strong and assertive!)

-        Improved mindset (no more catastrophizing or black and white thinking)

-        Ease resolving conflicts

-        Increased self-worth

-        Less stress and anxiety

-        More balance in their emotions

-        More confidence to be themselves, messy bits and all


During your sessions, I hold the most confident version of you in my mind. Working with me is like having a chat with a miraculously judgment-free friend. I’ve been there: from being walked all over by my kid to assuming my own sister didn’t care whether she heard from me. I know what it’s like to feel trapped in shame and unworthiness, and my number one goal is to create a space for you to be all of you, messy parts and all.

We work at your pace to connect the dots between people pleasing, perfectionism, and confidence issues. Then, we look at your special sauce: what drives you to consistently put others before yourself. We question the thoughts driving your behaviors and use techniques to calm your nervous system so you can stay present and follow through. Finally, we start testing the waters: trying out new ways of responding to the world, nice and easy, until setting clear boundaries without regret is second nature.

At the end of our time together, you will have a custom-made toolbox of personalized strategies for self-care, managing anxious thoughts, tolerating challenging emotions, keeping perfectionism in check, making confident decisions, and of course, setting boundaries.



6 month package: from people pleaser to bold boundary setter

Included in the package:

-        24 personalized, 1:1 sessions

-        Evidence based coaching techniques

-        Responsive email and text communication for support in between sessions

-        Journey notes: a shared file with session recaps and action points from me and space for insights from you

-        Exclusive access to workshops

-        Ability to book additional sessions if you want additional support during our time together


I coach online only.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Certificate in Life Coaching from Lumia Life Coaching School

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $80 USD

I bill monthly at 300 euro/month (charged at the currency exchange for your local rate). Discounts for up front payments of 3 or more months are available.


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