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Karen Cappello

Tucson, Arizona, United States

Karen Cappello, PCC is passionate about supporting coaches to develop highly successful coaching.

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About me

Karen Cappello, PCC is passionate about supporting coaches to develop highly successful coaching practices with ease and joy.

Right before Karen came into coaching, she worked in Estate Planning, helping high net worth individuals prepare for retirement and leaving a legacy. She was working over 60 hours per week. She was successful in qualifying for the Million Dollar Round Table in her second year, a very unique achievement. She knew how to have success by working hard, waking up each day to an alarm and dressing for success. And she was exhausted.

In the fall of 2001, she left her job, and sought a way to have success with ease and joy, not with hard work and serious effort. In January of 2002, she took her coach training course, and by February, she had 8 paying clients. Later that year, one of her coaching colleagues asked her if she would coach a group of new coaches, as she had been so successful getting started.

All of the coaches in the group came from a spiritual background, and that is where Karen received her niche: coaching coaches on their practice development using spiritual principles.

Today, Karen is a six-figure coach, and lives in one of the most prestigious areas in Tucson. Arizona. She has achieved her dream of waking up without an alarm each day and wearing comfy clothes to work. She laughs a lot many times in a day. And she helps other coaches achieve their dreams.

With her exuberant style and her commitment to living by her own values, vision and purpose, Karen is a role model for other coaches. She is the type of mentor who inspires others to achieve their best success, and is known for her highly positive approach and her ability to celebrate learning at every opportunity.

Coaching with me


Together, we will:

* Make the most important decision you will ever need to make for your coaching practice that will allow everything else you do to be done with ease, joy and effectiveness.

* Clearly articulate the process and benefits of your coaching so your prospective clients completely “get it” and seek you out to work with you.

* Craft lucrative, valuable offers that clients will easily say ‘yes’ to.
Implement an effortless enrollment process that inspires prospective clients to work with you, and helps them get past hesitations and fears that have kept them from achieving their dreams.

* Bring all of your talents, gifts, values and purpose together in a way that has you very well-paid for what you do naturally.


I love helping new coaches develop their businesses using spiritual principles. I have done this myself, and worked with thousands of new coaches since 2002. Other mentor coaches support coaches with business development or spiritual coaching. My clients love the blend of spirituality and business development, and know that the two are intimately related.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I work with new coaches who are in the first 3-5 years of their businesses and have a VIP group of 1-1 clients and have products that support new coaches in getting into momentum and getting clients.


A simple, step-by-btep formula to creating a lucrative, growing, and sustainable coaching business that supports your dreams and desires, helps you attract ideal clients with ease and joy, and fills your coaching practice quickly and effortlessly, making it EASY for people to say “YES!” to working with you!"

Short courses or group coaching

I work with groups with my business partner Carolyn Coradeschi, and have products that support new coaches in getting into momentum and getting clients.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • PCC

At that tender young age, I was responsible for a residence hall of 650 students and 13 staff members. I had to be very organized! Anyway, that’s why he asked me to help him. I did meet with him for breakfast each week for about a year, and we went over his calendar and appointments. And he got more organized and was able to help more people.

What I did then was coaching, although I never called it that. And that has been true of much of what I have done in my life – this feeling of having a purpose in supporting others to achieve their dreams, their goals, what has been truly important to them.

My friends always asked for my advice before making decisions. I had (and still do have) what I called a ‘strong intuition.’ If someone would tell me three or four options that they were considering, somehow, I could tell which one would really work out well for them. Time and time again, I was able to listen to another, hear which choices were important to that person, and support them to pursue those choices.

Just before I came into coaching, I was working in Estate Planning, helping high net worth individuals prepare for retirement and leaving a legacy. I was working over 60 hours per week. I was successful. I dressed in business attire every day. I qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table in my second year. I was making good money. I knew how to have success by working hard. And I was exhausted.

I was also very interested in self-development at that time. I would hang out with a medicine woman on the weekends, and we would do healing ceremonies. This is back in the early 1990’s, when Young Living Essential oils still came in cardboard boxes.
I read every self-improvement book I could get my hands on. I listened to Scott Peck, Carolyn Myss, and Wayne Dyer’s cassette tapes as I was driving around in my car. I took meditation classes.

My day job and my weekend interests were very separate in my mind. Oh, there were lots of times that my co-workers asked for my advice on life matters. And my weekend friends sought my opinion on business matters. But in my mind, there was a very clear separation between my self-development and my job.

I wanted that to change. I wished I could go to work each day and be who I really was. I wanted to wake up without an alarm, and wear comfy clothes to work, and really help people from my heart and soul. Especially that.

I was burnt out. I was exhausted. I wanted success. But I wanted it with ease and joy, not with hard work and serious effort. I was not sure that I could have both. In fact, I was afraid that I could not.

In the fall of 2001, I left my 60+ hour per week Estate Planning job, exhausted, with no definite plans for the future. I decided to take the last quarter of the year to get my life in order, to clear out every drawer and closet in my home, and figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life. In the middle of this ‘sabbatical’ I got a call from one of my friends.

My friend called me and said, “You are a coach! You’ve been coaching us all for so many years, you just need to get formally trained.” And when she said this, something inside me opened up, and I knew that what she said was right for me. The interesting point about this friend is that earlier that year, she had mentioned that she learned more about herself from having one dinner with me than she had during her week at the Deepak Chopra Center! That really got my attention.

And the rest is history. I looked on the ICF website, and at that time there were 24 accredited coach training schools. I picked the one that said “spiritual coaching.” I wanted a profession that would nurture my soul as well as my mind. I faxed in my registration (in those days we did not register through the website) on Thanksgiving day.

I began my coach training in 2002. I was on fire, and started coaching entrepreneurs that I had worked with in the Estate Planning field: lawyers, accountants, financial planners. Because of my previous successes and my excitement about coaching, I had 8 paying clients in my first month of coaching.
By September, I had accumulated 250 hours, enough to apply for my ACC (it took 2.5 times more hours to get the ACC in 2002 as it does today). While other coaches who were trained with me were getting their websites and business cards designed, I was coaching.

At the ICF Conference that year, one of my colleagues approached me and asked me if I would coach a group of new coaches, as I had been so successful at getting started. That is when I say I received my true niche: coaching coaches on their practice development. All of these coaches came from spiritual coach training background, so we utilized these principles in growing their practices. I found out that I loved that conversation and had a knack for helping coaches get started.

Today, I am a six-figure coach. I live in one of the most prestigious areas in Tucson. Arizona. I belong to the country club. I wake up without an alarm each day and wear comfy clothes to work. I laugh a lot many times in a day. I help lots of people achieve their dreams. My life is integrated. I get to be myself in both my personal and professional lives. This is the beauty of being a coach.
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