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Karen Proctor

Miami, Florida, United States

Coaching with me

I help clients achieved their desired goals through non-judgmental coaching. My goal is to bring clarity to my clients which allows them to become unstuck and move forward into their desired state of being.
During our consultation I would like to hear about you. What are your likes and dislikes, hobbies, what you do for employment? your interests, and what goal(s) can I help your to reach. I ask questions that would help me to help you in the best possible way.

I enjoy to coaching one on one, and group coaching. I offer coaching via phone, skype, and in person.


Short courses or group coaching

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MPS (Excutive Management)
  • BA (Organizational Leadership)
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
Hi, my name is Karen Proctor and I am so glad you’re here! I am a Certified Professional Coach embracing my true calling and unique method of making a difference.

I am a life learner or shall I say a student of life. I have always had a special place in my heart for helping others. My life experiences have taught me many valuable lessons which makes me sensitive to the needs of others.
I am founder of Stepping in the Right Direction Coaching, L.L.C and Powerhouse Int'l Ministries, Inc.

I have authored and published three books:
His Blood– Supernatural Power and Redemption
Say it Ain’t So!– Power in the Word
Core Knowledge Vital to a Successful Ministry- I Am Called, Now What?

For a combination of 26 years, I have worked as a Governmental Public Servant in the positions of Administrative Assistant, Public Assistant Specialist and Case Analyst II. In addition, I am a licensed and Ordained Pastor with 21 years of experience.

My experience includes organizational leadership and coordinating skills which allowed me to establish, and organize a community outreach feeding and clothing program. I have mentored young people in terms of life skills and self-awareness. I am also a seasoned public speaker with the ability to speak on various platforms. I have been known for using my interpersonal and time management abilities to bring balance on the teams that I have worked within. My experience in research has helped me in finding the answers and solutions to many of life circumstances for myself and in helping others.

My educational background includes Life Coaching Training from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County. I earned a Masters of Professional Studies in Executive Management, Bachelors of Arts in Organizational Leadership from STU, and Bachelors in Christian Counseling from CBCS. In addition, I extensive experience in Non-Profit Management and training through University of ST. Thomas.

I was born in the south with a city girl's heart. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, traveling, sitting on the beach, taking long walks, working out in the gym, shopping, listening to great music, laughing, decorating, watching HGTV, cooking and oh yeah, I love Butter Pecan Ice, and all things Conch. The list is a bit longer as it relates to me, so I will stop here.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $3000 USD


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