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Karla Grimmett

Writer, author, public speaker,health and wellness coach, Reiki Master, HealthRhythms facilitator.

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About me

I'm an insatiable student of the human potential to heal and succeed.This quest for knowledge has led me down several paths. What I bring to the coaching, Reiki and rhythm events is 30+ years of experience working with people through direct patient care, collegiate instruction, fitness classes, empowerment groups, rhythm events and health provider education. I've witnessed miracles on grand and small scales. Some of those miracles my own. For instance in researching my own journey as someone with celiac disease I felt it my duty to write 'The Cheapskate's Guide to Gluten Free Living' so others might have an easier time adjusting to such a way of living. In the last few years my desire to expand and share the knowledge I've gleaned has led me to leave the healthcare field as an employee so I can expand my life's work to include coaching one on one,small or large groups and to facilitate healing and empowerment through other methods I am trained in mainly Reiki and Rhythm play. Its my honor to share my knowledge and experience with those who are seeking a more enjoyable, healthier way of being and in turn be taught more as well. I do believe we are all just walking each other home. Let's make it an amazing journey!    more...

Coaching with me

A deeper sense of purpose and the tools to live an authentic, more enjoyable life

Lifestyle transformation as a result of eliminating unhealthy habits and the emotional process attached to them, then adopting healthier habits and the life giving process they provide.

Assisting clients get clear on how they desire to live physically, mentally and spiritually.

Assisted in job change, stress management through gentle, yet effective coaching methods allowing my client to get unstuck in a toxic job and embrace a new career more in line with her core beliefs and gifts

Provide safe space for clients to engage their spiritual side and enjoy a deeper connection to God.

I like to coach through gentle, yet effective questions uncovering the diamonds within each of us. I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for my client to explore deep truths of who they are, what they desire, how they want to feel physically, emotionally and spiritually. Then together we map a plan to achieve a more enjoyable, authentic way of living. I celebrate each success a client experiences and together we capitalize on those successes creating more. Knowing that we are multilayered beings, its not unusual to experience success and improved health several areas of their lives.

My years of working with patients in the healthcare field have taught me that we are indeed capable of extraordinary healing and joyful lives if we have the right tools to help us on the journey. My heart's desire is to provide the tools to assist each client uncover and achieve their potential to live their best life.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Reiki Master
  • Wellness Mapping 360 Health and Wellness Coach
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • HealthRhythms Facilitator
College Education:
University of Wyoming
Colby Community College, Kansas
Denver University
Colorado State University
Butler Community College
Work Experience/Certifications:
Sports Medicine
Certified Personal Trainer (past)
Certified physical therapist assistant
Hospital acute and sub-acute physical therapy
Holistic Medicine-body work
Hospital Department head
Rehab Manager
Business owner fitness and promotional products.
Skilled nursing
College Instructor
Presenter/Public Speaker
Health Rhythms Facilitator
Certified Reiki practitioner
Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Retreat presenter
Life Experience:
Assisted in raising two great kids
Experienced love, life and loss in varying degrees of joy and sadness.
Explored without and within and found both are wonderful
Learned to love gluten free food
Know what it means to stay with it to get the results desired and enjoy the process along the way
Love really is the answer.
Hobbies and Interests:
Reading, writing, meditation, kayaking, drumming, hiking, camping, outdoor adventure, fine wine, music, culinary adventures-especially when I don't have to cook. Getting to know new friends, enjoying old friends, writing poetry, photography and graphic design. I'm never bored.   more ...

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD


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