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Kate McCarthy

Trauma Therapist | Life Coach 
DUBBO, New South Wales, Australia
I help you let go of known and unknown blocks, patterns and self-sabotaging behaviours.

About me

Thanks for stopping by. Great to meet you!

I work with clients who present an 'I've got it together' persona on the outside, yet on the inside they are overwhelmed, stuck or struggling.

So you know more about me, my hubby Ron and I have two primary school aged children, an agricultural contracting business and farming enterprise; alongside which I run my trauma therapy and coaching business using my own tools and strategies that I use with clients to keep the rollercoaster from being too crazy but still a whole lot of awesome!


Coaching with me


It’s a big decision to face what’s going on under the surface, baring your vulnerabilities; especially to someone new.

The idea of sharing the details of your trauma with a brand new therapist can feel like you’re ripping off a bandaid to show a raw, unhealed injury. If you tear off a scab before the wound has healed, you’ll find yourself bleeding all over again.

I want you to feel stable, safe and supported in and out of our sessions.  To do that and before we focus on the details of your experience, we have to develop ways for you to feel safe and stable in your current world.

I will help you develop your resources and stability and increase your healthy coping skills.



Research has brought fresh understanding of how and why our nervous systems hold onto pain and other symptoms long past their original usefulness, turning normally acute body responses into chronic ones. Patterns that have been learned by the brain can be unlearned.

During our time together, we get to the underlying causes of why coping mechanisms and habits are needed. Relieving these underlying symptoms reduces the need for the relief through destructive patterns or substances, along with working on direction and purpose going forward.

Using a somatic embodiment approach, energy healing, breathe work and other modalities we will work together to heal the underlying trauma, both conscious and unconscious.



Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


As a certified trauma therapist, life and business coach I help you overcome deep-rooted beliefs, help you let go of known and unknown blocks and patterns and self-sabotaging behaviours.

How often do you put your 'I've got it together' persona on so that on the outside everythings looks great, yet on the inside you are overwhelmed, stuck or struggling?

If you are feeling overwhelmed with
… anxiety, depression, anger, cronic pain, low self esteem, grief;
… alcohol, food, gambling addictions and other addictive behaviours;
… trauma, PTSD, emotional, physical or sexual abuse;
… or other stress related issues;

or anything that is disrupting your daily life; my services can help you.

We often speak our story from our heads, letting our minds and memories narrate our perception of the world. 

In truth it is often the sensations held in our bodies that can truly reflect our story and help us navigate the road map for better connections with ourself.

The mind-body connection is powerful.  Whether a trauma comes from one event or many, unresolved trauma can be stored in the muscles and tissues.
Through 1:1 online personalised therapeutic processes we can navigate physical, mental, and emotional root-causes to start healing from within so that you feel whole and empowered to live life on your terms.



Yes, via Zoom. 

I work Australia Eastern [Sydney] timezone 

9.30am-2.30pm weekdays

time and date dot com is a great time zone converter if you are in another timezone.


Fee description

Fees: from $175 AUD to $2000 AUD


15 minute Clarity Call - Free 
We will see if we are a good fit to work together.  This allows us to really connect and also gives us a good understanding of where you’re at and what’s currently happening in your world.  There is no pressure or obligation.

Single Session: AUD$175 (45mins-1hr)
I offer a reduced priced 1st session so you can experience the my process and get a feel for how we’ll work together.


12 week Body, Mind, Soul Reset: AUD$1800-$2000
Over zoom, weekly sessions can range from 45mins to 2.5hrs and will be pre-scheduled. (payment plans available)


(See the shop for more details)


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