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Kathy Butler

B.S. Psychology, ICF ACTP SF 
Prattville, Alabama, United States


I am a Solution Focused Life/Career coach I am offering a Free 45 minute "Live your Dream Life Now" session. During the session we will
work together to create a crystal clear vision of the life/career you are wanting to CREATE
We will uncover hidden challenges that maybe holding you back from being, doing or having what you want
We will discover your natural meta-programs and use those clues to enhance your goals.
You will leave the session inspired, re-energized and renewed with a clear set of action steps to follow.
I have 20 slots like this per month and once they're gone I offer a waiting list. . Reach out to me! I would love to help you
My interactive online coaching is very powerful. Enjoy frequent interaction with your coach to determine your areas of focus, and through guided Journaling phone conversations, personal coaching feedback and interacting with others on similar journeys, you will feel yourself moving out of your comfort zones into exciting new areas of growth and adventure.
Weekly guided Journaling assignments designed to systematically take you through the steps of awareness, practice and action necessary to achieve success.
Social networking interaction and the opportunity to share the Journaling experience with others who are interested in making significant changes in their lives.Your coach will read all of your journal entries and provide you with personal detailed feedback to help guide you, challenge you, and help you align with your goals and commitments.
You will experience minimum of 12 journal interactions each month with your personal coach; that’s 3-5 times the traditional coach/client interaction frequency in the coaching industry!
Short courses or group coaching
Designed on what the clients groups are wanting to accomplish.

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Fees: from $85 USD to $2000 USD


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