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Keenan Van Zile

NLP Life Coach 
Mahattan, New York, United States
In 6 hours I can change your life
Life coach Performance coach
Spiritual coach Energy coach
EFT coach Emotional Healing Coach

FEES from $150 USD to $450 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

In 5 hours of working with you will experience a lifetime of change.

I am advocate of ENGERY HEALING and its immediate benefits as my work is based around this.

I naturally became a coach and made this a living because I had the luxury to incorporate all of my practical application and incorporate all of my illustrious life experience.

As a Reflective Repatterning Specialist, working with this non-evasive emotional healing technique requires you to heal yourself and transform who you are. In order to understand Reflective Repatterning and its life principles essentially I made a commitment to applying it to all facets of my life which I now truly experience a true sense of peace and joy.


New Prospective Client will receive a complimentary session.
This session is designed to outline how and what will be covered so that client understand how they will get from point A to point B. My work is part life coaching in assessing what the client is capable of doing, this keeps the client in the present and not in a emotional state. Second I apply Reflective Repatterning - this is designed to eliminate any emotion that drives the client to unnecessarily see or do things continually create havoc in their lives. Simply when emotion is eliminated client is able to see a fresh new perspective of choice and abundance of opportunity.

Clients will see dramatic results in 5 sessions, and in 10 session they will see their respective life and the direction it is headed in a whole new light.

Coaching packages start out at 10 sessions.
New Prospective Clients will receive a complimentary session. I provide coaching and apply Reflective Repatterning over the phone, skype, facetime to work with clients all around the world. Alot of my clientele pefer this cause they dont have to rush to meet me or worry about leaving their place of work or home. Really all i need is an hour of time to facilitate a successful session with you and for you to understand what action you will take in between our next sessions.

Coaching packages start out at 10 sessions.

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $450 USD

Each package is 10 sessions in length that would cover logically two months. In 5 sessions a client will naturally reach a dramatic change and take the action to sustain success in their respective lives.


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