lifecoach $1380 USD Kellie Vanella Kellie Vanella Founder of Mind and Body Wellness. Passionate about life coaching and healthy living.
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Kellie Vanella

B.S. Psychology; Life Coach Cognate 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Founder of Mind and Body Wellness. Passionate about life coaching and healthy living.

About me

My name is Kellie Vanella, and I am a life coach who is passionate about motivating and inspiring others to pursue and establish permanent healthy lifestyle changes. My educational background in psychology and life coaching, combined with my personal experiences have given me a desire to utilize what I have learned in the service of others who are struggling to set realistic and achievable health and wellness goals. My goal is to reach those who possess a strong desire to move forward, yet may lack the knowledge and/or support needed to achieve sustainable change in any area of their life in which they recognize a need. While my primary interest is in health and wellness, I also have a strong interest in using my personal experiences and educational background to assist others who have the desire to implement lasting changes in time management, parenting, interpersonal relationships, and life transitions, or any other area of life where there is a desire for change. My goal is simply to provide support to others so that they may begin to live the best life possible.

More information regarding my coaching practice, my personal bio, as well as my contact information, are all available on my website at: mindandbodywellnesscoachDOTcom.


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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • B.S. Psychology; Cognate Life Coaching

Fee description

Fees: from $70 USD to $1380 USD

Coaching Packages

Coaching packages are designed to ensure that an adequate time commitment is made to achieve sustainable change and measurable outcomes for the client. All sessions can be completed with anyone, anywhere in the world via Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, or by Telephone (Telephone sessions are available for clients residing within the United States only). Packages are usually billed upfront, however bi-weekly, or monthly payment arrangements are considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact me for a free initial consultation and get started on your journey toward living well!

12 week package
This package will provide the client with a solid foundation for change on which the client will establish their goals, implement the necessary changes, and begin to see positive results. The package includes an initial 45 minute consultation, four 30 minutes sessions per month, and unlimited email support.


6 month package
This package allows the client more time to establish permanent lifestyle and behavioral changes. This package is recommended specifically for those who wish to implement changes in more than one area of their life. This package also includes an initial 45 minute consultation, four 30 minute sessions per month, and unlimited email support.

US$230/month (15% Savings over the 12 week package)

Continuing Individual Sessions
Individual sessions are offered only to clients who have previously purchased either the 12 week package or the 6 month package. This option is intended for clients who have established their goals and have begun implementing the necessary lifestyle and behavioral changes, yet feel like they would still benefit from periodic coaching support. Individual sessions are 30 minutes.

US$70/per 30 minute session

If you are ready to begin your journey toward wellness, and feel that you could benefit from a supportive coaching relationship aimed at helping you define and meet your personal goals, please complete the contact form found on my website (mindandbodywellnesscoachDOTcom) and get started with a FREE introductory coaching session.


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