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Kelly Gadbury

MA Professional Counseling 
Huntsville, Texas, United States
Mind, Body and Spirit wellness with emphasis on alternative methods of wellness.

About me

I have a passion for helping people that started when she was 9 yrs old. I have a Masters Degree from Liberty University in Professional Counseling and have been working with mentally ill people for 6 yrs. I am also trained as a christian counselor . I am big into holistic and alternative methods of wellness. I am ready to help people live their authentic self and the life of their dreams!!

Coaching with me

My desire is to help you define your goals, remove barriers and move forward to achieve those goals and live the life you were meant to have and God intended you to have!
I am very upbeat person but know when to push my clients forward to get results.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

I try to meet my clients "where they are" so my services are individualized. Message me for more details.
I can have sessions by skype, phone or messaging.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MA Professional Counseling
I am a wife and mother to 5 kids. I have 2 stepkids (19 daughter, 17 son), 8 daughter and twin boys 4. I have wanted to help people through "Counseling" since I was a child and that has been my singular focus so I have done many trainings and my education has been focused on that goal. I have 6 years of experience working with people with mental illness and trauma. I know my life and professional experiences have allowed me to "Come from a place of understanding" that will allow me to work well with many different people. I look forward to getting to know each of my clients and seeing them grow into the person I know they can be!

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $150 USD

My fees are typically per hour but have packages that people can purchase for a flat monthly rate. Message me for more details or visit my website.


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