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Ken Rabow (Real Life Coaching)

Life coaching 
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Life coaching for teens and young adults.
Life coach Motivational coach

FEES from $75 USD to $1595 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Ken Rabow is a life empowerment coach for teens and young adults. He specializes in helping young people:

a) find their personal power to rise above their challenges,
b) learn positive ways to communicate and listen - free of fights,
c) see and own their part in their present situations,
d) embrace a better way to succeed in life/school/relationships.

Coaching with me

Real Life Coaching is based on Ken Rabow's work Life Coaching Troubled Teens, Young Adults, and their Families, helping young people rise above issues such as:

teen anxiety
anxiety in young adults
teen depression
pot addiction
and much more
We Listen: to the worries of the parents. To the teen's/young adult's beliefs in what they see as their truths.

We Will Be There: as a coach and mentor, we are present to help both the client and the family find a safe place to be heard. Part of understanding anxiety in young adults and teen depression is allowing those affected to share their real fears and issues (versus the daily circular battles) and let the clients talk about their goals, their challenges and the first signs that would indicate success.

We Create a Personalized Program: This program is based on what the life coach has heard, what the young adult chooses as goals and the path that will let them grow towards those goals. Sometimes the route is direct. Sometimes it takes unusual twists and turns.

Our method is based on motivation and inspiration. You may have already tried some of these following methods:


Life coaching for teens and young adults.
Life coaching for teens and young adults.

Experience, Certifications and Training

Ken's "outside-of-the-box" methods have had great success with people who have tried traditional therapies, medications and counseling without the long-term success they had hoped for.

This system works for all sorts of challenges that stop young adults from believing that they can achieve such as self-sabotage, learning challenges, addictions, mental health issues and more.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $1595 USD

We offer two streams to connect our clients with the Mentor that suits their needs best.

Working with Ken Rabow: GrandMaster Level Mentor exclusively
Working with our Resident Mentors along with Ken Rabow

When working with our Resident Mentors, a Master Level Mentor will participate in two 30 minute sessions per month with the Mentee and Mentor. The Master Level Mentor will also oversee the strategies over time.


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