lifecoach $450 USD Kenneth Allen Kenneth Allen I bring to you my go-getter attitude and my experiences in life to help you achieve max potential.
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Kenneth Allen

Sheridan, Wyoming, United States

I bring to you my go-getter attitude and my experiences in life to help you achieve max potential.

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About me

I have always believed that my passion in life is to help others. I have gained experience and succeeded in the career field, specifically the health care industry as an EMT for the last ten years. I am very kind and passionate man who wants nothing more than to see others succeed and it is my mission to help with that. Working together with others to help them achieve the dreams they strive for is why I am here. In addition, I push myself to keep learning and expanding my knowledge that will not only benefit my life, but those around me. I am a go-getter with a can-do attitude and by bringing this passion along with my experiences in life; I know that together we can accomplish so much!



Private coaching with me can be a one to one setting, via the phone, or via Zoom or Skype as well as other offerings as needed.


Online coaching with me can be virtual chat, online homework assignments, and other offerings as needed.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $450 USD

Prices vary by the type of coaching, whether or not it is in person or online, and the amount of coaching sessions required or requested.


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