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Kerri Gaither

Certified Weight Loss Coach 
Westminster, Maryland, United States

Certified Weight Loss Coach since 2009.

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About me

As a wife, mother of four, entrepreneur, marathon runner, and pasta lover...


Kerri truly knows that the TOUGHER the challenge, the more REWARDING it is as well! 


Whether it's about...

- losing weight or getting in shape for an upcoming event

- pushing to find ways to burn more calories (or reduce them) in a  schedule that's packed to the brim and full of temptations

- struggling to lose baby weight 

- just trying to make time for yourself when the needs of others always seem more important...


...Kerri has personally been through it all - as well as personally coached hundreds of other people through their own unique circumstances. 


The thing she's learned through all of it is, you have to adapt your plan to fit your life - not the other way around. So many programs aren't conducive to crazy, every day, REAL life - so it's her job to help you find a way to mix and match and make it work, no matter what challenges you're facing. 


"I look forward to helping you work WITH yourself, your natural patterns and your schedule, instead of against it. Let's get started finding out what works best for you - and then keep you motivated to stick to those things!"


Kerri Gaither, M.A.
Health Coach, Weight Loss Blogger, Motivation Ninja, Confidant & Pasta Lover



Work directly with me one-to-one to work through the things keeping you from losing and set up small, actionable steps toward reaching your goals.

Best yet, I keep you accountable to reach those deadlines! 


Work directly with me one-to-one through email, and directly through a coaching app! Message me anytime in the app, email me anytime - and best yet - the app links up to your fitness tracker so I can see your steps, your food, your calories - whatever you want to share with me! 

Let's work together to get you to your goals once and for all! 

Short courses or group coaching

Join us in our FREE Facebook group for daily motivation and free coaching videos! 

Fee description

Fees: from $99 USD to $297 USD

Some services are offered for a short time, others are on a monthly retainer. My goal is to find a plan that works for you!


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