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Coach Kerry McRae
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Kerry McRae

MSW, CPC, Help for the helping type 
Kansas City, Kansas, United States
Help for the helping type

About me

The core beliefs that motivate, energize and inspire Kerry:

1. The world is beautiful.
2. Humans are miraculous.
3. We are doing amazingly well as we carry out this impossible experiment called life.

Kerry seeks to serve others and leave the world a better place for the fact that she ever lived.

Once upon a time, Kerry was an obedient, rule following, “nice little woman”. Everything going well until…

Scratch that. It wasn’t going particularly well. On paper, life was great. She was employed in her ideal position, learning, growing, IRA looking good, dental coverage…but something wasn’t right.

Something wasn’t right in an amazing non profit that served others better than it knew how to serve itself. Something wasn’t right in the leadership, in many of her colleagues, and in herself. It came down to Self-Care.

Like most human service professionals, social workers are bound to a code of ethics which includes Self-Care.

When everyone is so busy providing outstanding service & care to clients, patients, and students, most have not even started to embark on the journey of learning high impact, high integrity, high return Self-Care.

The Human Restoration Project was born from an 18 month sabbatical exploring just that. Kerry dove into the deep end to discover what it really takes to live healthfully, happily, and in full professional and personal integrity. Working with individuals along this journey, she learned the ins and outs of the full continuum of Self-Care, it’s more than the practice of Self-Preservation and Survival, it’s the key to changing our families, our relationships, our workplaces, and the world.

Coaching with me

With Kerry, your coaching results come alive and reshape your life to create more of what you want. You will be in closer alignment with the life that makes sense for you. As you learn to observe your attitudes and perceptions, make a shift in your consciousness, choose your responses to the circumstances of your life (instead of merely reacting to them) you will increase your overall energy and engagement in life. Meaning, you’ll be happier. We measure 14 dimensions of life satisfaction before and after to recognize the impact of the coaching process.
Kerry uses a practical approach to organizing well known principles of mindfulness and tools that have well established efficacy. In essence, this approach is focused on how our attitudes and energy are subjective and can be altered through awareness. The next step is slowing down your reactions and examining your options so that you are able to make conscious choices that are in alignment with your values and goals.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Call in for your private 1:1 sessions to recenter, refocus, reorient and realign your energy. You have everything within you to live a wise, powerful, impactful life at work and at home. Let's invest the time to keep you shining, learning, and growing.

Leadership development for aspiring leaders, everyday leaders, and leadership transition.
Explore the therapeutic uses of writing with a self guided program. Access your online platform from anywhere in the world. Complete activities, write 500-1500 word reflections in the digital journal. Mark private or share for feedback with your coach. Use this service or add this service onto your coaching package for special pricing.
Short courses or group coaching
7 part Self-Care for Helping Professionals teleseminar series.
Custom small groups for nonprofits and healthcare organizations.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • CPC, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching
  • MSW Clinical Social Work, Boston College
  • BA Life Span Psychology, Curry College
  • Healthy IDEAS Certification
  • Options Counseling Certification
  • Coleman Care Transitions Certification

Fee description

Fees: from $30 USD to $150 USD

30usd per participant in small groups/per month online program
150usd per session

Greater results are achieved with a monthly commitment. 3 month minimum, starting at 450usd per month.


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